Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cultivating Awareness

by Bruce Elder

Hello, I would like to share a concept I call cultivating awareness. Now what that means is to gain access to the parts of yourself that you want to promote. It's a pretty powerful concept, I dare say that you can become anything that is within the limits of the human spectrum.
Now considering this, I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be a tool all of us couldn't help but use and all need to practice at some point in our lives to meet the demands of a testing environment. Without its use you would not exist today, evolution demands that the most pliable creatures live and the ones unable to stand the test of life are snuffed out. So you are a product of thousands of years of people that were able to tune in to the qualities that life expected, and hence thrive on.

If you can agree with some of the concepts I stated above, then if you want to thrive in life you would need to cultivate an awareness that was suited to the task in which you have deem a worthy cause. Now lets hope you judgment on worthy causes are something that does you justice. If not well you could always cultivate an awareness that helps determine what does you justice right? See where I'm going with this. It's indispensable, without it's practice we are on the wrong side of the thrive or die paradigm.Now the question is how to cultivate awareness? Well really cultivation of awareness is never-ending affair. Which means your in practice of it whether we are conscious of it or not. The key is to become mindful of our daily mental state.In some Eastern practices they employ what is referred to as the mindfulness bell, which simply chimes to trigger the recipient into reflecting upon the awareness that is present at that given time. This practice is a constructive way of understanding the awareness. That we are fixed in. There are as many ways of capturing your given tendencies of being aware, they are limited only by imagination and practicality.

So go ahead and tell me what I need to know so I can use this bit of information and go about my day, well this is the part where it gets blurry and awesome if your like me. I can't tell you want you need to cultivate within yourself, that's your choice and to me that's empowering. It brings life into an explosion of curious options. I can have anything I want as long as I take the time and effort to find the means in which to cultivate myself into having them. You see in awareness is freedom, we choose what we want to be aware of and then we either cultivate that hell or heaven for ourselves. You're not the victim you're the creator. Isn't it great to know we have more control of our lives than what is commonly presented.

I encourage you to cultivate an awareness full of freedom and love.

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