Monday, September 26, 2011

Simplify your life

Are you facing the restless, cluttered and over scheduled life and desiring to simplify your life? With this blog, you can use tips to reduce the complicated web of your daily routine, and even your living costs in terms of time, energy, and money. You could simplify your life so that you could pursue your more desired way of life, in short a happy life.
Talking about happy life, one research found that when human being were especially focused on goals that pertained to money and possessions, they were less happy. This is really the opposite of what consumer society inform us.

Back to basic needs:
Some people call this simple lifestyle as "voluntary simplicity," which basically means opting for a less materialistic life. Instead of spending the holiday time in front of a television or a computer game, a voluntary simplifier might plant the vegetables in his/her garden to be cooked the next month.
Talking psychologically, living simple means we rearrange our psychological needs. This really means money is not on the top. Indeed we prioritize those things like safety/security/faith, feel like you'll survive with enough clothes, food/water, and shelter (in ancient Javanese parole: sandang pangan papan); then efficacy/ability, feeling like you are able to do the things you need. You alos need relatedness, feels like you have close relationships with other people. Another need is freedom or autonomy, concerrning with feeling that you do something because you choose it, not because someone forced you to do it. By going back to basic needs, we can meditate which one is essential or not in our daily life.

-Enjoy and slow down:
Walking the talk, the first thing you may try is: slowing down and enjoy whatever you do, whether it’s typing, cooking, taking bath: just slow down. Pay attention, but not concentrating or thinking. Be here and now, be in the moment. You may enjoy all of these as meditative steps. You may find it not easy at first, as you will often forget. However, almost all activity will be enjoyable if you give proper attention. Day by day, slowly, you begin to aware how many activities can be simplified to just several basic ones, and things will more enjoyable.

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