Thursday, September 29, 2011


The simple life can be interpreted as a life of minimalism. Sure, a big big house, full of high techies, luxury cars and rooms full of squeaky furniture, is good enough sitting in our obsession for a success and happy life. They are worth for our inborn hard-work spirit as human being. But hard work and success don't mean end up in confusions which we can't handle. Or take it another way, a happy life without mountainous possessions is a viable option. We can be hard workers without filling up our available life-rooms, let them free from clutters. Even, it is the real happy life when your burden minimized so you can walk lightly, simply. So here are some points to begin with.
1. Don't take in the information junks coming from everywhere. News, gossip, etc. are not always important enough for us. They sometimes just clogged our head with worry and the image of the bad world. Too much watching TV will make us forget how good this life is to us. By filtering information about the world, we indeed can make it a better place to live!
2. I have a packet of fancy oldies accessories I never wear since years ago. Now I know finally that I will never wear them, simply I don't need those things. Yeap, if we think about it, we will find that we can clean out the clutter. They may hold nostalgic value or else, indeed, but the reality is you won't use it any more. You can scan them, take pics of them, document them, but the junk is ready to be thrown, or donated, or for a garage sale.
3. If you find yourself mesmerised by those programs in TV sets, take a distance. Take a break, outdoor, or cross country, or (theres so many things outside there). Of course, you can't easily forget the mesmerizing romance minutes of that soap opera, everyday. With all those things, take a break! From a distance, you'll know and experience a better day without them.
4. Make a vacant time in-between your agenda. You may need to learn to do nothing. It can be relieving and relaxing when become your daily life. Don't jam your time with minute to minute appointment, work things, etc without a real blank spaces.
5. Make a room inside yourself for simplicity. You don't need to be a bearded hermit to find your inner peace; just spend a little time every day for meditating, walking at a beach in the morning, or just praying in silence to God, or just lying or sitting alone at the porch with your own self and a glass of tea.

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