Friday, April 22, 2011

A Profitable Mistake

Paul Thurman

It was a Saturday and my wife was absolutely stir crazy to just get out of the house and go somewhere. I shared her anxiety; we’d not been out to do anything fun for over two weeks. Between colds that wouldn’t go away, three demanding children, and the never-ending quest to find the magic formula that’ll make all our money concerns disappear, my wife and I had become isolated prisoners.

Thirty minutes after we woke found us scurrying pall mall around the house grabbing everything we could think of to guarantee a wonderful day out. When we’re in grab mode it’s my responsibility to grab the GPS (my wife and I are notorious for getting lost ). As I grabbed the compact unit I realised that I hadn’t charged it up in a very long time. “No problemo!” I thought. After all I could always plug it into the cigarette lighter and let it charge en route. Without a second thought I tossed the unit into my pocket and jumped in the car. We couldn’t get out of the drive way fast enough!

When my wife and I go out together every minute is precious because we never know when our next special time will be. So, before we get to whatever entertainment we’ve planned for the day, we make the best use of our travelling time by sharing our hearts with one another.

After turning on the GPS and noting that the display light was shining healthily we began our conversation. Though so much had been going on in both of our minds over the last couple of weeks, we’d both come to some of the same conclusions about some very important life decisions. As we talked and laughed we quickly lost track of time. Time didn’t become a reality to me again until my wife said, “It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything from the GPS, so I’ve just continued on. But I’m pretty sure that we’re in the wrong place.”

The time on the digital clock revealed that we’d been on the road for an hour and a half. We were supposed to be at our destination in just under two hours! Crap on toast! I grabbed the GPS to find out what the estimated time of arrival was only to find that the LED light had faded out. I quickly plugged it into the cigarette lighter and re-typed in our desired place. Turned out the unit must’ve been inactive for quite awhile because we were still just two hours short of where we were going! Whilst we’d talked and dreamed together we’d ended up in completely the opposite direction.

Once the GPS was reset we went right back to where we’d left off in talking over our dreams (all though I made sure to keep my eye on the GPS this time). By the time we reached our destination both of us were vibrant and excited. We knew something magical had happened and that we’d agreed on some changes that would change our lives forever. Changes that would skyrocket us to exactly where we wanted to be in life.

That evening, as I looked back fondly over the day I was overwhelmed with wonder. My life was changed by one silly mistake. As I pondered this, I began to question myself about why I’d remained virtually frozen over the last five years so desperately afraid that any mistakes I made would only scream failure to anyone I met. But in reality the opposite was true. My lack of motivation and daring was doing that already

From that point on I chose to get out there and just do it. No more looking back or toe dipping. I began to look forward to times when I got results far different than I intended. For each time I did I learned something of great value. That something might’ve set me back initially, but if I persevered in understanding the results of my actions it always ended in me moving forward.

Today I’m proud to announce that I’m making a great many mistakes. And I’m making them with a smile on my face knowing that I’m always moving to the next level and evolving as a person. My financial burdens haven’t yet lifted, but I now know it’s just a matter of time. All I need to do is concentrate on my ever expanding goals and learn from my errors.
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How Much Do You Truly Learn At University

Bobby Martin

University, the final stage in top level education. We all know the proposed outcome of a university education, a qualification and the chance of getting a better job. But how much more does a university education give you that self studying doesn't? And wouldn't self study be a lot cheaper then spending grands on a university education?

Now I went university myself. I done a two year HND and was put straight onto the last year of the degree as my results were very good (If your results were just average they'd put you onto the second year instead or not let you carry on at all). But this is where the problems kicked in. Three years studying is a lot for anyone, especially on top of a lifetime of prior education. People lose the will to study at different times, sometimes before they finish secondary, sometime in college, and in my case towards the end of my university education. Now the work wasn't hard for me, I just completely lost interest in doing it. I would leave all my work till the last minute (Something I never did when I was motivated), rush my essays and not meet the word count. Why is this I ask, is university education too long?

Looking back, I can see that university education did help me, but wouldn't do the same for everyone. University learning is basically learning from books. You go to lesson, the teacher talks to you about book extracts, they give you a printout from a book, then tell you to go and read that book. Then for your assignment, you reword a book in your own words and give your opinion about the book or subject in the book. That's it. Like I said, university did benefit me. But if you've the skills to sit down and read a book all day, you could learn most things yourself for a lot cheaper. This of course isn't true for more practical subjects such as art, but then there's always exceptions to the rule.

So why pay those thousand in university fees if you can learn everything yourself for a lot cheaper? Well, for a start there's the social side of it. Many people before their university education are still living at home with their parents. University gives them the opportunity to gain some independence and live by themselves or with friends. It's also more social then simply going straight into work where you see the same faces everyday. There's also the benefit of having the qualification paper at the end of your university education. While self study could give you the knowledge you'd require to do a job, a lot of companies would rather hire someone that has a qualification to back up their knowledge, rather then taking someone's word for it.

You can learn a lot from university (I more picked up skills, such as learning to self study and presentation skills) although I feel the process is too long and could be shortened down. Due to the fact a lot of the time given to 'study' is wasted by students doing nothing, I feel a more intensive two year course would be ideal for many people who want to get the university experience but cut off a third of the time.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ways to Live a More Exciting Life

Ferragus Lapointe

We only live once. So why not make our living the best it can be? Do you want to have an abundance of adventures in your life so that you will never feel bored? Of course you do! If so, this article is for you. We will share with you some great ways to make your life more exciting. Ready? Let get started...

Many of us live a very routine life, there are many repetitive tasks that we must do every single day. That is the reason why many of us find that life is getting bored. With a little ingenuity and action, boredom can become a faint memory of your past.

Here is how to inject some excitement into your worth living life.:

1. Find something that is challenging. Go and pick up a hobby, a sport or learn a new language. When you challenge yourself, you will discover your own inner potential. This can help you to become more confident. You will also find that you are able to enjoy life better.

2. Dare yourself to do something totally different. You may find excitement by just going in a different direction than you are used to. If you take daily walks, try a new route. If you always enjoy a certain meal at a restaurant, pick something else or even a new restaurant next time. These small variances from the norm can be just the pick-me-up you are seeking.

3. Step out of your comfort zone. Many of us get stuck in our comfort zone and are afraid to step out. So why not gather some courage and push yourself outside your comfort zone. When you do that, you will feel alive again. Try it out!

4. Do something you've always wanted to do. If there is something you have been meaning to try, now is the time. Go for it with all the gusto you have got!

5. Make adventures a priority. If necessary, schedule excitement into your daily schedule. This will force you to take it just as seriously as your other commitments, but also give you an allotted time where your focus is solely on enjoying an adventure.

6. Make new friends. When you meet and allow new people to come into your life, it can get very exciting. Because new friends will introduce you to another group of friends. They can also share with you their hobbies, favorite places, favorite foods, favorite musics and even new opportunities. So, take the advantage of meeting new people. You will never feel bored again if you have a lot of friends that you can just pick up a phone and talk to or meet up for a drink.

7. Travel more. You don't have to travel abroad to find new adventures. Everytime when you travel out from your house, there is an opportunity for you to pick up and learn a new adventure. You can take a local tour with some of your best friends or go biking out of town.

8. Visit the place that you have always wanted to visit. For example, I have always wanted to visit and tour China. One day I just packed my bags and go. I am very glad that I did. I learned so much from my trip to this ancient country with a fast-paced growth. You can see the blends between the old and modern lives there. It is very exciting and I am planning to go there again.

9. Volunteer your time. You may think that volunteering is only about the giving of yourself for the good of others. However, volunteering can be personally rewarding and even exciting. You may find that you genuinely enjoy helping other people, and you never know what you'll discover in the course of volunteering.

There you have it! The nine ways to make your life more exciting and adventurous. So, don't get stuck in a routine and repetitive life, inject some excitement into it. You can certainly make your life as exciting as you can without having to spend an arm and a leg. Just follow our tips above to help you get more excitement into your life. Make your life worth living starting today! Author Resource:- Want to make life more exciting? Why not learn some new skills on how to earn more money online? Check out these programs if you are interested: Easy Video Player 2.0 and List Building Automation Review.

The Key Towards Success in College

James Gardener

Everyone will agree that being a college student is tough. There are many hindrances and obstacles to run over especially when things sometimes do not turn out the way we hopefully expected them to. Many challenges in and outside the classroom frequently arise and these are situations that need our attention, otherwise, we fail in a specific area in class. All subjects enrolled have to be attended to because presence is a must. A lot of research projects, essays and deadlines to be met, that is why, proper schedule arrangement must be prepared ahead of time. The experience of a college student isn't all about fun; hence, it is imperative to be knowledgeable about some helpful guidelines to assist in the whole experience.

In coping with the daily stresses of school, time management is essential. Because requirements oftentimes sprout in unexpected periods, it is vital to be well-organized when it comes to proper use of precious time. Different subjects may give out an assortment of assignments which have to be submitted on a particular day altogether, and that is why, it is always advised to allot ample time for completing such tasks. Focusing on one undertaking at a time would save you lots of confusion and lessen the tension brought about by the demands because some instructors obviously possess the least concern regarding students availability and capability to handle jobs in bulks.

Determination and perseverance are of great values that play a humongous role in a student life. When one is determined to pursue certain duties and responsibilities, it is never impossible to arrive with excellent outcomes in the end. Finding a good motivational inspiration like an admired lawyer, a particular family member or some extensive goals in life would be uplifting and further boosts willpower. You will absolutely go beyond your objectives if you combine it with perseverance to withstand expected inevitable hurdles.

Organization is a useful tool as well in the plan of achieving desired results. Those who lay out a detailed outline as part of any mission preparation are the people who are always able to obtain success in what they are doing. An arrangement which is systematic would be vital in the area of research for a topic new to the student. Jotting down notes from web catalog software for instance, could start off the process of a long and informational study about any matter that is being tackled.
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Man Drives Around His Morning Coffee

Fani Xia

It was a lovely spring early morning in Melbourne, Australia. The sun was shining, the air was crisp and a gentle breeze rustled the leaves on the trees. The corner deli/cafe was busy as common, bustling with prospects who after parking their vehicles rapidly ran to the shop to purchase their early morning Latte and assorted snacks after which swiftly rushed back to their automobiles to drive off in to the early morning traffic, back on their approach to start their day.

Have you ever noticed how some folks when trying to juggle as well numerous parcels will place their drink, coffee, briefcase or purse on the roof of their automobile, whilst they open the door after which put everything else in their hands inside the vehicle? How a lot of times do you see an individual drive away - using the item still to the roof?

This particular day, my sister and I have been engaged in an especially delightful early morning conversation and as normal we smiled politely towards the a variety of buyers as they entered and exited the corner store, when all of a sudden "BAM".!. it sounded like an explosion!

We looked to see wherever the sound came from.!. all we saw was a black sedan pulling absent from the curb and we noticed left behind from the street was a crushed cardboard caffeine cup nonetheless using the plastic lid to the cup and the beverage (espresso) splattered all around the road.

Oh Gosh! That poor guy! We were shocked, embarrassed after which burst into laughter, due to the irony from the situation. Did he even realize that he'd just driven above his own caffeine? We wondered when he would notice if at all, that he didn't get the early morning "heart starter" drink he specially stopped for, spent time and dollars to collect!

What need to have been on his mind, to not even bear in mind that he had placed the caffeine to the ground, rather than about the roof or much better yet INSIDE his auto!

How several people aren't Current, in their lives?
Running on Auto pilot - racing by way of the day - physically gift but mentally far absent, most of your time!

Who knows why that man drove around his personal coffee that early morning.!. hopefully he was able to get an additional java and in fact enjoyed drinking it.

How are you able to benefit from this story?
Wherever or when are you not existing.!!!. using the forgotten caffeine as a metaphor. Is there anything you want that you just keep leaving behind simply because your life and/ or thoughts "gets too busy?"

Wherever are you able to be A lot more found, more inside minute, less pre-occupied with your thoughts and much more inside the experience of existence!

When you will be existing, consciously residing and choosing your thoughts and actions, you've got a lot more power accessible to you. When you will not be present you're leaking power, which is why numerous men and women feel exhausted, not simply because they are working physically harder, but because they're normally, mentally or emotionally "spinning wheels" and going nowhere quick. Often worrying about things they can not attend to at that second or feeling bad about some thing that happened which they can't resolve or are usually not able to "let it go."

When you're residing in found time, your energy naturally resonates at greater frequencies, raising your level of conscious awareness and also you will not be preoccupied with worrying about the future or regretting the past.

The only electrical power you have to make any choice or change is within the existing minute. The much more present you are, the far more electrical power you may have and you tap into the greater levels of consciousness - the thoughts chatter drops away as well as the feeling of peace, serenity and harmony starts to wash above you.

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