Thursday, March 17, 2011

What to Do When You Come Across Nuclear Radiation


Recently, nuclear reactor accident occurred in Japan and triggered the nuclear radiation problem. So, how to prevent it? Here I will summarize several treatments and key points so that we can minimum the harm when disaster occurs.

Once the accident occurs, the public must try to get as much information as possible to know the government's decision and notice. Thus, people should keep communication with local government via various methods such as television, radio and telephone. Do not believe in rumors. The second thing is to take necessary self-protection measures immediately according to the information of local government. According to the arrangements of local government, people evacuate the place in an organized and orderly way to avoid the serious negative effects the withdrawal brings.

Select nearby buildings to hide and reduce the direct external exposure and inhalation of air pollution. Close doors, windows and ventilation equipment including air conditioners and fans. When air pollution is over, open the windows and doors and ventilation devices quickly.

Take shielding measures. Add a layer of radiation shielding material that is thick enough between the people and radiation source to reduce the external exposure dose. Main materials are lead, reinforced concrete and water. The buildings we live in are good shields to external radiation. When it is judged that a radiological dispersal event occurs, people should try to hide in the direction toward side of the wind and enter into the building quickly.

Use wet towel and cloth to cover your nose and mouth to protect the respiratory tract. If you suspect that the surface of the body is polluted by radioactive contamination, you can have a bath and change clothes to reduce the pollution. Follow the arrangement of the local authorities and decide whether to control the usage of local food and water.

What's more, if the nuclear and radiological terrorism events occur, the public should pay special attention to maintaining a stable state of mind and do not fear.

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