Monday, November 1, 2010

Why Self Improvement Does Not Work for Some People

Ralph Merritt Nedelkoff

Most people strive to improve themselves in some ways. You may notice that highly ambitious people are always striving to improve in many ways. Yet there are some people who seriously desire to improve themselves but cannot seem to do it. Why?

Ambition may have something to do with it, yet usually it is much more than that. Ambition is really a strong desire. Desire alone does not achieve the results we want. For example, having the strongest desire possible to win a big lottery does not guarantee that you will win it. Ambition to be a billionaire does not guarantee that you will become one.

2 Big Reasons Self Improvement Does Not Work and Exactly How to Change It

There are two big reasons why self improvement does not work for some people. These are the reasons and exactly how to overcome them:

1. Mindset - Some people do not improve their mindset and themselves because of their negative mindset. This needs to change first. The major reason most people do not succeed in something they desire is their mindset. Most experts agree that life is about 90% mindset. Success is 90% mindset. Success in a job or in a business is 90% mindset. Success in self improvement is also based on mindset. Your actions and the results of your actions are determined by your mindset. You must become more aware of your thoughts.

Some people are negative minded, closed minded, apathetic, and unwilling to listen, learn and change. Negativity powers self sabotage. Apathy kills dreams. Closed-mindedness and the unwillingness to listen and learn virtually guarantees that these people will not accept change, transformation and will not be able to succeed. Open your mindset to succeed in improving yourself. Keep it open and positive throughout the process. Do not allow negative self-talk to sabotage your dreams. The more positive you are, the more powerful you will become.

2. Daily Diligence - Some people attend a self improvement event, read a book or listen to some training and learn some techniques, and then they actually do it once or twice and expect dramatic results. Then they wonder why a dramatic change did not happen in them. The answer is that it must be done daily to be fully effective. The daily practice of personal development and self improvement techniques will empower you to find the quickest and easiest way to attract and create what you want in life. You must learn the proper techniques for your personal development and self improvement. You must take action to implement them daily. Remember, self growth is a process not a single event. It is just like exercise or being on a diet; you cannot just do it a couple of times and expect dramatic results. You must keep your goals in mind and stick to the process daily. Invest 30 to 60 minutes per day in yourself by implementing your personal development techniques and you will soon become a new, much more powerful and successful person.


If you truly desire to go to a higher level in your life-meaning in accomplishment, in income, in creating wealth, in lifestyle, in relationships, in health and happiness-you absolutely must expand into a higher level of being. You must work on your self growth, self improvement or personal development - what ever you want to call it. Keep your big goals in mind and enjoy the process!

Your income and your level of personal success will grow only to the extent that you grow and develop as a person. That is why your process of self growth is so important to you and your future. Believe it! Do it daily!

Ralph Merritt Nedelkoff is an MBA, a trainer, mentor and international home business entrepreneur with LifePath Unlimited in the field of personal development and achievement technology. You can learn about it at: - For some really cool free online personal development stuff featuring some global superstars, give him a call. He is also the author of 14 books, several of them on self-growth, achievement technology and personal development, including The Secret Entrepreneur, The Money Solution, Go Wild Today! Passions into Actions! and The Millionaire's Magical Prayer. All are available on Amazon. For the complete list see both pages on:

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