Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Technological Improvement

Hubert Silaa

"Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." Albert Einstein.

"... Suffice to say that we've reached a point where science and technology have advanced at such an exponential rate for so long, it may be a way beyond our ability to regulate and control them"....Blair Brown.

Evolution as we perceive it is part of the greater truth only as a result of spiritual growth. Evolution is meaningfully as life itself, "The foundation of the Universe is material but the essence of life is spirit". Our bodies are products of million of incremental changes, from a single cell to a multi-cellular organisms, yet we are still on the journey of evolving. All living species struggle and long for perfection, but time can always be against us.

Many hands have interfered on our evolutionary path causing some errors and confusion on our spiritual growth. This entails why there are so many unanswered mysteries. One of the main purpose of evolution is to refine our mind circuitry and thoughts pattern, sometimes we find out mind being scattered all over and everywhere which leads us unsuccessfully with our plans. There are different technological inventions that helps us to better ourselves through meditations, and the way we perceive and recognize the reality. Nothing can resist the power of change we should become change itself and cultivate the potential of technological achievement.

The key to spiritual enlightenment is conscious living, when you live consciously you will see what each moment is as it pass by and be able to locate the error. Since our evolutionary path was altered, we must use technology as a tool to advance in our spiritual growth. Everything has a circle of life even human habits are seasonal. One must become aware of themselves. take note of your whole life "pattern", observe how you behave daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and even yearly, you can start by looking at your bank statements and how you spend money, for example where do you spend money mostly, what kind of purchases you mostly make in summer, how much money do you spend on charity etc. see how much attention you have on your family (the more money on family activities more attention)

On daily basis: You can look on your phone, internet, television etc. try to see who you usually call or calls you the most on your call log, on the Internet history try to see what websites do you usually visit often and the same on TV Facebook and twitter is good to always go back and check on your status updates.

Conclusion: After doing self-analysis what do you really gain or get out of all these things that you do every day? Where do you think you might be in next five years doing the same thing over and over? Twitter and Facebook updates what do they represent about you.

Dealing with self development, mind, spirit and body, Once you learn to change what is inside then the physical body reflects. for more information you can visit my website http://www.sourceoforigin.com

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