Sunday, November 7, 2010

Self Improvement Tips You Can Share To Lazy Individuals

Joseph Pressley

Being overly dependent makes an individual become lazy. Life is messy when people become too lazy to care for their own self. Almost half of the people in this world are working for a living while the other half are just selfishly lying in bed, waiting for food on the table and do nothing. It is irritating to the nerves if you know of someone who is behaving like this. You have been working so hard but then your parasite friend just takes what you have worked hard for. They are so lazy that it looks like they have been stunned with a streetwise stun gun because they are motionless and just stare blankly at the ceiling while waiting for good news.

You can do something to help the person whom you know has this kind of trait. It is no longer right for your friend, a family member or your relative to be acting this way. He needs to work hard, use or apply what he has learned in school and prove to the world that he is useful. Encourage him so he will be guided. It only takes a slap in the face so he can wake up and realize that he has been too lazy for quite some time.

A helpful advice that you can share to a lazy person is to let him make plans and objectives with his life. Make sure that the plans are attainable, measurable, time bounded, realistic and are specific. Basically, lazy individuals do not have plans with their future that is why they just rather prefer to curl in bed and wait for something good that will happen to their life. Opportunities do not come if you will not work hard in finding for one.

Instruct hi to avoid spending too much time watching television or just lying in bed. Nothing will happen if he will constantly do this routine. Yes, he is updated with the latest news but his life is definitely way too boring. Instead of just watching television, encourage him to have physical exercise that way he can make his body physically fit and healthy. An early morning jog around the park would not be a total harm provided that he will carry the best stun gun there is in the market for his own protection. If he feels like jogging daily, then he is beginning to start a new life all over again.

Socializing is another way for a lazy person to start a new leaf. Some lazy individuals have difficulty with socializing or meeting new friends that is why they just prefer to stay at home and do nothing. Take him out on a party or on social gatherings. Who knows, someone might help him to finally get a good job while he is out on a social gathering.

Let him organize things. When you visit a lazy individual's home or room for instance, you will notice how things are scattered everywhere, plates left unwashed in the kitchen and empty bottles on the living room table. They will never have their crib cleaned up not unless there is someone who will help them. The best thing to do is to tell him that no one will help him clean up his mess. He will soon realize that he needs to straighten things up and finally organize things. They will feel less frustrated once they see their home spic and span. Talk to him and tell him the importance of organizing.

Living a healthy lifestyle will also help a lazy person to improve himself. These are all necessary in making him realize that there are pretty good things in store for his life if he will learn to stand and walk on his own feet.

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