Friday, November 12, 2010

Money Problems

Allan Hinautan Amoguis

Millions of people the world over could not sleep because of money problems. Either angry people are hunting them for their debts or ruthless bankers are tracking them for non-payment. There seems to be no way out for most of them. In the end, depressed and pushed to the limits of their human reasoning, many just commit suicide to end it all.

Life is, indeed, full of human tragedies. Everywhere you go you just can't avoid meeting sad, pitiful, wrinkled, and lonely faces trying to figure out how in the world they gonna manage to get by. Electric bills, apartment rent, loans, water, name it and they have it - seem to be running after them month, after month, after month, laughing as hard as they could like a playful monster making fun of helpless, frustrated humans.


I bet you have not heard yet the story of this poor Japanese guy. As he loves borrowing money, every angle of his life is filled with debts. From the time he wakes up in the morning, till the time he retires in the evening, people just don't stop calling him for his enormous debts. "Where still can I borrow money," is his morning prayer.

Day in and day out, his sole concern is nothing but finding ways and means to solve his problems. Going from banks to banks, disturbing relatives for small loans, asking friends a little amount, always with this promise: "I swear I'll pay you the soonest possible time I can. Don't worry."

Then finally he accidentally met in the street his high school classmate he had not seen for decades now. "You look good, buddy. I'm very happy to see you again. What's keeping you busy now?"

"I'm now deeply involved in politics," the other replied.

"Wow! So you're a politician then? That's really what I thought you would become buddy. I'm very proud of you," he said.

""And you? What brought you here?" the friend inquired.

That's actually the part of a conversation he likes best, and is very prepared about.

After some nice flavourings and well-studied acting and dramatization, our Japanese friend succeeded in borrowing money again.

This time was bigger.

The politician lent him an amount equivalent to a million dollars.

So, it goes without saying, all his previously existing debts temporarily disappeared.

End of the story.

Therefore, don't commit suicide! Just borrow!

Allan H. Amoguis, teacher and author.



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