Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cloud Computing and Virtualization in IT

Francis BLonde

The description of cloud computing can be seen as servers and applications that are done through the internet. The term cloud comes from the way data centers use the Internet all over the world, this can be known as the universal of the internet.

The idea cloud, provides a lot of computer network services and type of connections that is used in the online world service, this is done through networking sites and those like Amazon. Diagrams of the network are used in the how the image of the cloud is seen in the form of the Internet. Internet's broad reach, is known as a symbolization, that tries to make it simple from the complex nature of it. The services are usually connected, and anyone is able to share the information they chose, between different systems and through many other users.

The way cloud computing uses the online backup system is through companies like Apple's MobileMe and other social networking sites. Online applications are involved with cloud computing, these can be given through Microsoft Online Services. Sites that are mirrored and Internet based clusters are hardware that is seen also as an example of cloud computing.

They have the power to hide the technicalities of how it works from the user at the other end, but at the same time it can provide everything it needs to the user. This hides the complex work with the important servers and the data behind the hot-links and search engines.

Virtualization in IT is one of the physical servers that is like an agent to other different virtual services. There is a layer of software, known as the hypervisor, this is where it can sort out storage, the memory and other computing resources that makes every independent virtual server act like its a computer that stands alone. Cloud computing can take what abstraction is one step more, as it takes the data-centers mount of servers, management system, the security and the storage and any type of infrastructure work as a single computer.

This allows the companies to get what they need in the terms of the amount of storage, computing power and security and what ever other type of IT functions is needed from the specialist at the data-center computing.

The term cloud computing is known as a type of computing model. This model is available to any Information Technology system and to the users at the other end by the Internet, so it only lets them have the type of computing service they only need. IT services don't necessarily have to give them their information and resources to be managed by this cloud computing system. What they need to do is plug in what infrastructure service they need, the type of platform they require or software and service they need. They only have to need the cloud as much or as little as they want as any other computer that gives the same as it does or any internal data center.

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