Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Day of Full Appreciation

Virmared Santiago

I have gotten used to practice an exercise of appreciation before going to bed. In the morning, the second I wake up, I will do the same. It always keeps me in my vortex, as appreciation vibrates like Source. Today, while eating at McDonald's with my 15 years old, a little blind child, maybe in first grade, gave me a reason for going to sleep today appreciating all I can see through my eyes, and what I have in my son. This little child kindly reminded me there is nothing absolute love, trust and appreciation cannot do when you feel fearful or less than happy.

Throughout the day, I will stop for a second and appreciate anything on the hallways of the school. It is as easy and spontaneous as looking up the sky and appreciating the shape of a cloud, the tone of blue in the sky serving as its background or the dance of the flowers hanging graciously from the bougainvilleas. Sometimes, even the laugh of the students or the smile of those you thought would never smile at you, is more than enough for throwing my thinking into appreciation mode.:-)

Placing my attention on that type of thing, makes me feel in my vortex so whatever contrast I go through it quickly dissolves or never comes up at all. Keep in mind I start first thing in the morning, though!:-)

Nevertheless, even when all that is something common in my day, today, I felt like I was having a hard time keeping myself away from some fears. Leaving from home this morning, I reminded my son about how much I appreciate who he is in my life and how responsible he is of feeling awesome good at all times. I told him he should never be around anybody he does not feel exquisitely well because the purpose of his life is to build his day around that in mind: being absolutely happy.

To me, reminding my son about these things made me feel I was appreciating all he is, no matter my fears and attachments. All he wants to be and go through in order for him to trace his own route in life should also be something for me to appreciate.

After dropping my son off at school, I selected a "mantra" to take care of the uncomfortable feeling; it was so effective I started feeling better and better and better in seconds. Maybe that is why, the perfect situation arouse this afternoon at the McDonald's with my son when I saw the little child with his mom.

Observing the cheerful little child already with a blind cane at his short age, made me reflect on the fact that not even his blindness was stopping him from joy and being a delicious kid going over the soft drink machine, or leaving McDonald's enthusiastically because he was finally going to eat his "happy meal".

I told Jorge to pay attention to child and said to him: "Do you see how happy he is? That's how we should live. No excuses!!!"

My son agreed. I know it was huge for him. I am convinced we are doing our very best and that should be enough. I know he is already a stinky cute "appreciator" and me a firm believer on the Laws of this Universe!!!!

I feel much appreciation for you, reader.

Virmared Santiago

Virmared Santiago

Inspirational Speaker
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Virmared Santiago was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, to Marta Rodríguez and Eddie Santiago, grew up in the small city of Yauco. For seventeen years she has taught in Puerto Rico and the United States high schools. His first ebook, "Plena Abundancia," ("Absolute Abundance") is a collection of inspirational quotes written with her sister Marta Santiago. Virmared and Marta also host a Blog Talk Radio show every Sunday at 10:0 am: Virma Creations. She is currently a happy teacher in a private school in Miami where she continues to get inspired by her students. Virmared is also an inspirational speaker, artist, and singer. She has a 15 year old son who is her light and the best co-creator of her life.

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