Monday, August 23, 2010

See How Easily You Can Learn Anything

James Gladwin

How do you feel when you hear the words "Learn" and "Learning?" Sounds like hard work, doesn't it? After all, learning makes our heads ache, and we only remember the lessons from school that were boring.

But suppose I told you that learning cab be exciting, and fun? That it can be hugely satisfying?

Well, think about it. Remember the day stabiliser wheels were taken off your bike? How about the day you passed your driving test? In fact, if we made a list, we would discover that almost every skill we possess had to be learned.

The key insight is this: we weren't born with the life skills we take for granted. We learned them. They are not dependant on our DNA. They do not depend on our upbringing and circumstances. In fact, research is discovering that we can learn almost anything if we want to.

It doesn't take too long to realise that more or less every action you take, and every thought you have, is something you have learned. And if you analyse learning a little further, you can begin to understand how you learn.

So, how can we learn how to learn again?

Let's take an example we are all familiar with. It could be learning to drive a car, or bake a cake, of swim, or ride a pony, or tie your shoe laces or touch type. Whatever. But let's take an example we are all familiar with: riding a bike.

Remember when you first began? You probably fell off more times you can remember. But you kept going. Then you progressed to an erractic wobble across the yard, "Hey, dad, watch me!" But you attained a level of success which allowed you to progress from wobbling dangerously to riding confidently. You didn't need to think about it. And - before too long - you could manage gears, take your hands off the steering bars and put your feet up on front of you.

Learning to ride bike had become as easy as, well, falling off it!

So, you see, that was an example of successful learning. But sometimes - often - you attempt to learn something and do not succeed.

Take learning a language, for example. Remember the language CD or audio you downloaded, or language phone app you bought with such enthusiasm? Where are they now? And how fluent are you? Sorry to remind you about this. But you gave up.

You see, we often don't learn as quickly as we anticipate. And we stop.

But that effort has not been wasted.


Because we were still learning. We learned a lesson that we have never, ever forgotten, and it is one that each and every one of us has learned extremely well.

The lesson is this: We learned how to give up.

Strange as it may seem, learning to give up is something that we have learned just as successfully as every other "life lesson" we have learned.

So we are learning superstars - just don't become an expert in giving up!

My best to you.

James Gladwin is a successful online entrepreneur and brand extension expert. He also writes on other topics that strike him as interesting. You can find his blog at

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