Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Lesson on Physics and Motivation

Greg Pierce

There was probably a time in your life when you had a seemingly impossible dream. Perhaps you wanted to travel the whole world. Or maybe you dreamt of climbing the Mt. Everest. You were so passionate then, telling everyone of this dream. Maybe you even did some training in anticipation of the dream becoming a reality. But as the years went by, you have probably stagnated in your current status and the dream has slowly slipped away. Now, the thought of that dream has become just a figment of your imagination. What dampened your hopes of achieving it?

You probably got distracted. You were baffled by people close to you and those who lured you into another endeavor. You stepped off from the path you were taking and went off to another direction.

According to the laws of physics, "a body in motion tends to remain in motion until an outside force acts upon it." This holds true of distractions. Probably, some friends or family members applied the force of discouragement or maybe convinced you to follow a "more worthwhile" venture. Consequently, you ceased your preparations, you stopped your studies or you stopped working in the field you actually love. All those distractions occupied your attention, making you forget about your dream. You just decided one day that dreams are just a fantasy and are not meant to become reality.

You may have met some people who reminisce about things that they used to do. They might mention that they would go back to doing it again someday. This is like the lady who keeps on buying designer clothes that are five sizes smaller. She is hoping that someday, her old figure will come back again and she will have a chance to fit into these clothes. Isn't that a lame excuse for staying away from the risk of living your dream?

When you have a goal that is worth going after, you have to follow the law of critical success in your life. According to this law, you should "always be doing something that moves you closer to your goal." Ask yourself what you are doing to bring you nearer to making your dream come true.

Why don't you put the law of momentum in action? When you act on something which takes you closer to that which you desire, your self confidence will be boosted. Distractions swing you off course or slow your momentum but actions gather your speed forward along your chosen course. Every action gives you more strength to take another. You will gather momentum and you will become unstoppable. You will be liberated from guilt and self pity. The world will envy you.

If you're one of those who find personal motivation quite difficult to do, you can get help. There are professionals who can help boost your self motivation and get you started on your plans or your dreams.

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