Sunday, August 22, 2010

Info to Avoid Fraud With Free College Money

MIke Lesly

Going to college can bring upon a mountain of debt. There are plenty of financial aid available for you to get money for your college education, but be advised that there are also many another college money scams around. These scammers are looking for any chances to cheat college students desperately seeking financial assistance. You should be very careful when hunting for financial aid for college to avoid falling into the traps of college money scams.

The big money college scams are the Federal or personal loans scams, and the second scam are fake scholarships or free money that students don't have to pay back. Most frequently, the scammers mail their offerings directly to students' or parents' homes, demanding money up front, this initial payment are supposedly to cover application processing fees. According to the Federal Trade Commission enquiry on financial support, scholarship or loan scams generally cheat people out of $50 to $1,000 when paying for these application fees. The results shows that over 100,000 families are being swindled each year and is still increasing. This situation may become worse due to today's liquidity problems, the college money scams may drastically increase because less lenders being in the market, and more students seeking financial aid.

So, how can students recognize a scam when looking for financial aid? At Times, it can be tough to differentiate between the valid loan / scholarship suppliers than the scammers. Try and remember this, the golden rule is to avoid any offers that just appear too good to be true, and keep an eye out for words with typos or firms that don't supply any contact info.

There are numerous college money scammers that send letters on loans offers using letterheads that look really like the Department of Education. They fake the letterhead to make them look very real. The reality is that the Department of Education never solicit consumers to loans, so any mail or email received from any government agency should be illegitimate and very well be a scam. Remember that, scholarships and grants should not contain any up front fees.

There are plenty of ways to get funding for you or your childrens' college education. Always be careful of college money scams, they are around to cheat your money. When you receive any money offers either loans, scholarships, or grants that look to be too good or carry the above signs, just avoid them at all costs. Trust me, you will yourself a lot of head aches later on.

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