Friday, August 27, 2010

Education Unlocks Doors to Untapped Opportunity

Shawn Drewry

Graduating from college with a quality education has unique benefits beyond traditional employment purposes. College education stays with you for a lifetime, increasing your intelligence about the world around you. Relationships on a more meaningful level are forged and lifetime bonds are made. A college education also helps one take control of their lives in was unimagined.

Striving to acquire your college education is worth the 4 years of stress, intensity, staying up late to study and so much more. It's an investment in yourself that will open so many doors you've never dreamed of. Getting a college education helps to get a good paying job in a respectable position of employment, with the opportunity of advancement faster than most can move up in the company. A college degree unlocks many business networking opportunities, thus, increasing chances to acquire business startup capital to start your own venture. People would take you more seriously, because they see you have a degree. In their eyesight, you would be deemed worthy in taking the risk, because of your college education, especially if you have a Master's degree.

Having a college education also makes you feel some kind of way towards life. It affects how you carry yourself, how you dress, and the social class of people you affiliate yourself with. Doors in life that were closed so many times randomly open. Where you were once, twice or thrice rejected has now been reversed, in being at your mercy. Yes, giving it your all and striving to get your education is worth all the stress associated with the infinite possibilities that await you later in life after graduating with your degree.

A majority of people in today's society chose not to go to college. With all the free money available from the government, private organizations, and on the world wide web, there is no reason to not try and get a free college education. It strengthens character, makes people and employers look at you different, and increases your financial foundation as a person. It's never too late to go back to college and study for your degree, no matter how far you got in life, in terms of age. Even if you are not going to use your degree to get a job, it's always good to have, just to say "I did it", as an education on a higher level increases the feeling of self-worth. Go for the gold, and go get your education in college today!

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