Sunday, August 29, 2010

Being the Best in Your Area

Rabison Shumba

There are many vocations, and areas of specialization in life. What is important however is the fact that you need to be the best in your area of endeavor. Gone are the days when you could have half hearted efforts in the way you handled your job. Gone are the moments where you did as you pleased. Now is the time for excellence in your area. Now is the period for all stakeholders around you to get more than what they bargain for. If it is an employer; make them feel they cannot do without you due to the results you produce; if it a client, make them forget of all their problems due to the quality of service and customer focus you have. Simply put; be the best at what you do. Just how does one become the best. Is it something that one walks into unintentionally. Is this something that someone buys off the shelf? I tell you that becoming the best comes at a cost; it comes with a price tag attached to it. It does not always come easy if at all. It calls for your personal effort, personal sacrifice and indeed personal resources.

- Study in your area to your highest level - the more you know about your area academically, the better chances you stand of becoming a voice of reason, a person to reckon with and one who is a master of his/her own destiny. People will acknowledge you as the best if you really try your best in terms of devoting to study and personal sacrifice of the luxuries you would have enjoyed.

- Discipline - This is the separation mark between those who make it to the best level and those who become comfortable with mediocrity. There is no room for indiscipline if you will become the best. Tame your emotions, tame your passions and temptations. Discipline your mind to think BEST. Discipline your body to accept the fact that you are aiming for the best in all spheres of life. Discipline separates athletes, business people, professionals and so on. You cannot be the best police officer and yet lacking discipline. To be disciplined is to follow the standards and policies you set for yourself regardless of lack of comfort. S

- Observe what others do - For you to be called the best then you need to check out what other people in the area of your endeavor do. when you observe them do, you are able to find your place. You can easily observe what others are missing and you capitalize on that and become not only the first to offer an alternative but the best in your offering. Become different in your approach and you will soar higher than everyone you can ever imagine of.

- Choose to be excellent - You make a personal commitment and vow to be the best. Excellence is a by product of a personal commitment to the same. If you do not honor your own word and cannot trust your own promise even to yourself then becoming the BEST will remain a dream. Make a choice in your mind to be the best. Mediocrity can never be excellent. It may be close to excellent than poor work but it is not good enough. It is not alright to say "I tried to be excellent". Just be the best and not pretend to be what you are not. Becoming the best is first a choice you make before you implement it in reality. If you can win the mental battle by making the choice then you are half way there.

- Go beyond theory, practice - It is not good enough to learn in theory and become the best academic without showing it in real life how it must be done. Become the best in both theory (head knowledge) and practice (actual presentation and action)

- Speak of your area as someone in authority - When you are the best in any area, you become an authority figure, a voice that is worth listening to. Boldness in your area creates an expectation of good things from others. When you shy away from speaking with confidence then people write you off as the best voice to speak even though you have sense in all you say.

Rabison Shumba is a writer, businessman and philanthropist. Writer of the book The Greatness Manual which you can preview on Founder and CEO of Infotech Solutions and Greatness Factory Trust. Rabison speaks about success, leadership, motivation and inspiration. His trust works with disadvantaged school children supporting them with school fees and general livelihood. He also helps to network artists (musicians of all genres) to facilitate information sharing and building of future celebrities. Rabison is well traveled having been to Asia, America, United Kingdom and all over Africa. He is married to Jacqueline Edwards and they have two children. They reside in Harare, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa.

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