Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tips on Writing Personal Statement for MBA from the Alumni

- By: Nancy H.

Once you decide to pursue your career in the corporate world, being on top is one of your goals. But being around people with the same talent and expertise, getting into the top can be a little bit harder than expected. Therefore, it is better if you upgrade your skills to increase your competitiveness. And if you are going to ask many business tycoons and experts, they will tell you that the best way to enhance your skills is to earn a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree.

MBA requirements

One of the most essential application requirements is the Graduate Management Admission Test or (GMAT). It is a standardized test in English and mathematics that will generally gauge the skill and ability of the student in these fields. The transcript of records is also another important factor that will enable the admissions committee to know more about the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant in the academic field. For the personal qualities and characteristics, the they will turn to the applicant’s personal statement for MBA. This will tell the committee things that the other requirements cannot. Most often, work experience is also seen as important admission requirement for the degree. The personal interview, one of the last important steps into the admission process, may come after all the other requirements had been assessed and the applicant is initially seen as a fit for the MBA program.

Tips from the MBA alumni

With the exhausting list of the requirements for admission and the number of future competitors, you will surely feel that you need to back up. But giving up is not for prospective MBA students as well as not for future MBA degree holders. What you can do is ask some help so you will know what is the best thing to do. The MBA alumni can provide you with the most appropriate answers you need about certain qualification requirements. As previous aspiring MBA students, they have also experienced what you are dealing with right now and can offer some advice on how to deal with the pressure.

The personal statement for MBA

As mentioned before, the personal statement for MBA is one of the most important requirements in the admission process. It is your way of letting the admissions committee know what your values, thoughts, and perspectives before you are even invited for the interview. It is where you will let them know some personal information about you that cannot be seen on your other profiles. This will help support your application against other aspiring MBA students.

While the MBA alumni can't do anything to help your improve your GMAT score and grades in your transcript of records, they can surely help you with tips on how to write your admission essay. You can ask them for their own samples to know what made them pass the admissions process. From there, you can gather ideas on writing your essay, such as what topics to discuss, what to avoid, and how to piece together experiences and skills that will make you a strong candidate for MBA school.

Nancy Haverford is an expert on writing personal statement for MBA. She has written numerous articles on how to ace your personal statement for MBA.

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