Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to Survive College

By: Zohra Sarwari

So you just got into college, congratulations!
Now you're looking to succeed and become something, adjusting to college life as best you can.

You did well in high school, got good grades, but now you're wondering, "Will I be able to handle college?"

Did you know that more students drop out of college within the first six weeks of school then the rest of the year combined? Think about it. You're in a new environment, you're away from home for the first time. You have new roommates and a very intimidating work load.

College is really nothing like high school. Expectations are extremely high, the work load is phenomenal and you have much less time to get everything done. In fact, you need very specific survival skills or you're at serious risk of dropping out. Most high school students can get into college, but their chances of sticking it out, well, they are pretty slim in most cases because high school students don't tend to have proper study skills drilled into them.

Even if you're in college and reading this article, though, it's not too late for you, start developing appropriate study skills. If you're in high school, the sooner you adopt these skills, the sooner you'll be prepared for college.

Study Skills Needed to Survive College:

1. Manage your time:

Have a set time to study and get all of your homework done. Take breaks every hour to relax your mind and allow the information you take in to settle. It's also a good idea to prioritize your studies so that you concentrate on the most difficult subjects first.

2. Locate all the available resources on campus:

Know where to go should you need help with any of your homework assignments.

3. Study with the smartest students in the class:

Do this for every class.

4. Eat healthy and exercise daily for at least 20 minutes:

This approach will help build your energy and stamina to make you capable of working longer and focusing harder on your studies.

5. Find some students who had taken the classes your taking:

Identify those who did well in each class and ask if they will tutor you should you need the help.

6. Ask each one of your teachers how they test:

What are they looking for you to accomplish? Ask them how you should study for them. Ask them if they can offer you any tips for how to pass their class. Build a relationship with your teachers, and visit them during office hours to ask for clarity on any points that you struggle with.

7. Believe in yourself:

Blind, deaf, and mute, Helen Keller graduated college; if she could do it, anyone can. There are no excuses for you so stay strong, stay focused, and keep telling yourself you can do it.

Remember that college is an experience that will change your whole life. With the right approach, you can use your college experiences to establish a positive and rewarding life for yourself.

About the Author:
Zohra Sarwari is an established author, coach, entrepreneur, and speaker, sharing her inspiration and love of learning with those around her. She is the author of 7 books, "9 Steps To Achieve Your Destiny" is her first self published book. This book is a must for all youth and adults; it explores the steps that, if practiced daily, will change your life. Her recently published books are : Imagine that Today is Your Last Day, NO! I AM NOT A TERRORIST!, Are Muslim Women Oppressed?, Powerful Time Management Skills for Muslims and Speaking Skills Every Muslim Must Know. Her official website is

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