Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where To Get Advice On Your Dissertation Research Topic

By: Simon Ledger

Description : Are you wondering where to get advice on your dissertation topic? Your dissertation is one of the final steps in your post-graduate education. A lot of doctoral candidates are stuck on choosing the best topic for their dissertations, not realizing that there are numerous sources of dissertation topic ideas available to them. To be able to move on to the next stage of your dissertation work, you can get the most out of the following sources for your dissertation topic.

Get creative on your research: when it comes to looking for where to get advice on your dissertation topic, reading books or just casually browsing the internet can actually get you a lot of ideas already that will surely be able to help you out. Just remember to narrow down your searches on things that actually interest you, topics that are relevant to your job prospects as well as topics that are actually manageable.

First, most professors, even early in your education, will recommend or even require students to look into the old dissertations written by students who have already finished their educations. This will give you an idea which topics have already been discussed and not, and also what kinds of topics might be interesting for you. After doing that, expand your horizons by searching the net for free, online dissertations.

You can also ask advice from your friends who have done dissertations before and have post-graduate education degrees. They can give you a lot of sources or ideas for your topic. Along with your classmates, your friends can offer you invaluable support especially during the initial stages of your dissertation job.

Another great source of where to get advice on your dissertation topic is to start asking former graduate students for advice on whom they can recommend as a great dissertation advisor. Given that they have already been through the same ordeal, hopefully they will be able to give you a helpful tip or two on where to get advice on your dissertation topic.

Library. Your campus library should be on the top of your list of topic idea sources. The library contains a wide collection of dissertations written by past doctorate students in your field of education. It is wise to scan several dissertations that are interesting to you. Look closely at their recommendations for future research. You might come across a great topic suggestion from any dissertation.

You can also read conference papers, journal articles, and other scholarly materials on your niche to get valuable ideas for your dissertation topic. As with dissertations, research papers and articles offer a wealth of ideas for future research.

Getting advice on your dissertation topic is not difficult, as long as you first ask yourself what it is that you really want and are really interested in. This way, whatever advice you get from others, you will not be swayed easily, making you choose something which you do not really want. Keep in mind that even if you get advice on your dissertation topic, at the end of the day, it is you who will write your dissertation.

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