Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Managing Dissertation Depression

By: John Wright

Description : There will always be a point in a student's life when they would begin to doubt their capabilities. This feeling is especially true during the period of accomplishing your dissertation. Imagine the tons of paperwork that you need to do, plus all the research that you need to facilitate in order to complete your thesis.

Because of the dismay brought about by dissertations, your eating patterns change as well as your sleeping patterns, your activity and energy level is low. You might be eating or sleeping less than your normal, you feel lethargic. These are the signs that you are already under depression.

Every person has their own share of dissertation depression during their taxing years in education. As much as you would like to continue writing and to finish everything that you need for your thesis, it's as if you're starting to doubt yourself. Inside your mind, you know that you are doomed for failure.

As a result, your activities are put on hold as well as your dissertation which may be due next month. You lack interest in continuing your study, you are exhausted and saturated researching sources and references for you related studies, you feel hopeless of being able to accomplish your dissertation thus, you tend to prepare yourself to start accepting that you will not finish school and graduate in your masters or doctoral degree.

Take a break. A lot of students think that working continuously day after day can make them complete their dissertation fast. But that would take its toll not only on your stress levels, but also on your health. You will most likely get sick, and your dissertation will end up lying around in your workspace untouched for weeks. So take a break-spend a few days in a peaceful place where you can relax and have plenty of rest.

Seek support from your family and friends. It is easier to cope with dissertation depression if you know your loved ones are there to comfort and support you during the toughest times of your dissertation work. Your family and friends can give your self-esteem a boost, so do not hesitate to talk to them about the ups and downs of your dissertation writing.

If you prefer to do the process on your own, you can also seek professional assistance and speak to a psychiatrist on how you can overcome or manage your dissertation depression. Psychological experts in this type of depression will guide you throughout the process of recovery.

At the end of the day, if you choose to give up, you can always seek the assistance of professionals who offer custom written paper or dissertation for a specific amount. Spare yourself the burden of wallowing in loneliness and sadness.

Dissertation writing is an inescapable and crucial part of your doctorate education, and stress plays a major role in it. You must learn how to cope with dissertation depression so that you can complete your work on your target date.

Resource : John has experienced first hand dissertation depression himself and believes that all students who are conducting this type of important piece of work should hire a dissertation editor to review their work. But, individuals at university should be aware of what an online dissertation editing firm offers.

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