Monday, September 28, 2009

How You Can Be More Proactive at University

By: Ray Smith

Description : Nowadays, an increasing number of students want to study at University, most notably because there are a number of different degrees and more financial assistance. However, this will mean increased competition for higher level jobs, and an increasingly necessity for students to become more proactive and use their time at college to gain more than their degree.

The first step that will be useful for most students is to prepare a CV. Most institutions have CV building software available, or there are some free programs online. Look at good examples of CVs online, and make sure yours sells you the best it possibly can.

You will need to think about the different ways that your lecturers describe you, your best achievements, and where you want to be in five or ten years time. You should incorporate all of this into your writing. You should remember to save frequently, and spend a couple of hours creating the best possible CV. This process will be beneficial as will help you to minimally tweak certain points when you need to change your CV in the future.

A good next step will be to look at the different job papers, boards and online sites, to see if there are any potential roles that you could be interested in. Whether you are looking for a job now or you're looking potential ones, the process of reviewing and analysing different roles and attending interviews will be something that you should learn more about and eventually become good at.

After completing university, no doubt you are going to need to find a job, so learning the process now will make sure you will have the best answers to questions being posed, and you will already have the confidence when making a first impression. When you review your CV and you think there isn't much there, then you should think about getting some more skills.

Team work, leadership and organisational skills are all very easy to gain while at university. Joining a sports team is a brilliant way, and shows potential employers that you are fit, healthy and energetic, as well as capable of working in a team and being driven to succeed.

You may also choose to join a committee, playing a key role in serious decisions for a good cause. Taking this chance will allow you to experience independent responsibility and take charge of situations. You may also help boost your own organizational skills through involvement in organizing shows or nights out for others.

Communication and Interpersonal skills are also just as easy to gain. Most universities already encourage this by asking students to write essays to a word count, which means you have to gather information, facts and main points, and express them in as few words as possible, but still in a coherent and well supported argument.

You can also become involved with a local newspaper or magazine, or even a university radio station. When you join this type of organisation, you will find it a great way to meet new people and increase your communication and inter-personal skills.

Time management is also a useful skill. Practice working towards deadlines in a sensible manner. Do your course reading when it is set and make sure you have time to plan, write, proofread and edit your essay before you have to give it in. Schedule revision sessions before exams so that you dont have to cram information the night before. All of these will help you to both gain a higher mark and learn to manage your time better, which will be necessary in a working environment.

Finally, you should remember to be realistic about different things and that working towards more than your degree will make you more attractive to potential employers. The different skills and experience you can add will help you be selected as a more suitable candidate. You will also need to look at the different activities that are available and which will help you the most.

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