Friday, September 25, 2009

How To Get A Summer Job In This Depression

By: Sandy Kenton Ph.D.

Description : Getting a Summer Job is a ritual for all College students and most High School students but with this extremely bad recession even Middle School and Elementary School students are getting in on the act.

It is necessary so you can earn extra money as well as gain valuable job experience that can be used later in life. The problem with 2009 summer jobs is that there does not seem to be as many because of the recession. You should not let this frustrate you because there are jobs available, you just have to know how to get them. Knowing this will put you ahead of everyone else who will wait until the very last minute to find one. But don't think because it's July that you can't get one. Many students will leave their summer jobs for many reasons and this leaves you with a great new summer job opening!

The first thing you should do to find one of the 2009 summer jobs is check with either your Guidance counselor or career service representative.

There are many local businesses that post their job openings through these offices to give students an opportunity at work. If you check here first you are giving yourself a better chance at getting a job. For some of the businesses this is the only place they advertise, so you could be missing out on a great job experience by not checking in the most obvious location first. These offices are here to help you, so you should take full advantage of them today!

Another great way to guarantee that you will get one of the 2009 summer jobs, even in the recession, is to update your resume. Even if you do not have much experience, you still should let potential employers know what you are capable of doing. If you are in high school and never have had a job before, you should consider putting down clubs that you are in because it still is giving you leadership experience.

Are you applying for summer jobs using the internet, regular mail or in person? Well this subject is a no-brainer! You should always apply for summer jobs in-person. Employers don't want to look at a computer screen or paper applications, employers want to see you alive and in front of them. Summer job seekers who apply in person always get the jobs they want.

Another idea you can use to find one of the 2009 summer jobs during a recession is to apply to places you frequent often. Even if they are not really hiring, they still might recognize that you stop there allot and give you an opportunity. If they are not hiring, they might know of a place that is and put in a good word for you. The important thing is that you are making contacts.

Making contacts and talking to adults is the key to a summer job, and contacts can come from just about anywhere. When I was a 16 year old girl, I desperately wanted a summer job but I didn't know any adults who would give me one in the small town we lived in. But one day my 10 year brother had his new friend sleep over in our house and the next day his father came to pick him up. Well I was sitting in our kitchen looking so sad when he walked in and he asked me what was the the matter with me? So I told him I needed a summer job, and he said he was looking for a girl to work in the snack bar in the Miniature Golf Course he owned in the next town. Well, I got my new summer job that day just by talking to an adult and you will get yours too! (c) 2009 Sandy Kenton Ph.D.

Dr. Sandy Kenton was a High School Guidance Counselor for 14 years and worked as Corporate Head Hunter and Student Employment Consultant for three relocation companys.

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