Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Choose Your Major in Three Regret-Free Steps

By: John Chang

Description : I usually focus on college admittance on this site; however, in the past I have occasionally introduced other college related topics. I got wonderful feedback from my post regarding how to choose your college, so I thought it might be a good idea to expand to even more college related topics.

One topic that is of great concern to many freshmen is choice of major. Choosing your major course of study is extremely crucial. Your choice has implications that carry into your whole life. This is sometimes difficult for high school students to grasp.

Choosing the wrong major can severely impact your life.

*The wrong major can severely limit your choice of career. For example, if you choose to major in English, then later decide you want a career in finance, your major will not be much help to you. *The wrong major can restrict your choices in coursework during your college career.

The wrong major can also be very, very boring. If you don't like your major, you are unlikely to enjoy your classes. You may also dislike your professors and have little or nothing in common with your classmates. So clearly, choosing the wrong major can ruin your college career. It also won't do much for your professional career. If you choose the wrong major, you will be sure to regret it.

In this article, I have listed some things you should keep in mind as you select your major.

It's important to discuss these things with your parents too. Most of what they say has a lot of value, even if you don't realize that yet

1. Think about what kind of JOB you want to have

If you are fascinated with business, be sure to choose a social sciences major like economics. If you are interested in engineering, look into things like computer sciences.

It should go without saying that you should choose your major form the courses of study within the discipline that interests you.

Liberal arts is the group you will want to choose from if you are interested in journalism and writing.

You may be wondering why I am pointing out the apparently obvious, but you would be surprised to know how many students choose their major without thinking of these things. Just keep in mind that you choice of major determines the course of your life. It will not just affect your college experience, it will affect your life experience, too.

What job would make you happy? What career would fulfill you? What do you love to do now, that can be translated into a paying job?

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2. Think about what type of personality you have

If you are an outgoing, happy-go-lucky sort, you are unlikely to be happy choosing computer science as a major.

If you are creative and artistic, you may be up for the challenge of creating your own major or pursuing an interdisciplinary major.

Included in your personality is your work style. An analytical, numbers oriented person should choose an according major. One who enjoys creative writing will be happiest with a major in one of the humanities.

Your major should support your strong points. Don't save your talents for your hobby and struggle at your job! If you major in something you dislike, you are sure to be unhappy.

#3. Make a list of goals that you want to achieve during your college years.

When you clearly map your goals, you will have an easier time moving through your college career. Goal-setting is a very intelligent practice.

Do you want to study in Italy/France/China? Pick a major that gives you flexibility to do thatThree Steps To Choosing Your Major With No Regrets

The main thing to remember is that, aside from your major, you will have other things to achieve in college. Again, define your goals. Then choose the major courses of study that will support your goals, give you room to work, time to achieve them, and the support you need.

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