Saturday, September 19, 2009

Four Reasons to Go Back to College

By: Julie Clark Robinson

Description : Even if you've been productively working within a career for several years, it's not too late to consider a new path or enhancing your growth potential by going back to college. Community college, a traditional university or even working towards an online degree all make good sense in these tough economic times. The reasons are simple:

1. Personal fulfillment. Feeling good about yourself can lead to having others see you in a new light as well. What's more, meeting new people and dusting off the cobwebs in your brain can lead to a raise in self esteem and a general feeling of well being that just might lead to a new job or career path.

2. New job opportunities. Even if you want to remain at your current place of employment, higher learning could open the doors to the glass ceiling you've been feeling. In fact, your company might even offer tuition reimbursement. Or, you could choose a new field and branch off in a completely new direction. One thing is for sure, people who stop their learning with a high school diploma make just a little more than half of what people who've gone on to college of some sort. (This was documented in the U.S. Consensus Bureau in 2004.)

3. Reduce your stress at home. There are few things more stressful than trying to live paycheck-to-paycheck. Relationships struggle and the entire family feels the pressure. If you go back to college, or join the trend of going for an online degree, you'll be on the road to providing relief to everyone who lives under your roof.

4. The rewards of being a good role model. There's one solid way to ensure that your children understand the importance of getting a good education - if you show them by doing it for yourself. If you go back to college later in life, you'll be teaching them that it's never too late to reinvent yourself and work hard for what you want.

Today's college students aren't exactly the 18 - 22 year-old set that they used to be. Grandparents, empty-nesters, and young parents share the classrooms and work toward a rewarding future as well. The return on the investment is more than monetary and that is something that appeals to all ages.

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