Wednesday, September 9, 2009

At What Price Does College Become Too Expensive?

By: Les Werty

Description : Are you one of the people who think that college is a must for everyone? Right now, the cost of going to a university has gotten out of hand and it looks like it will continue going up. Parents who have children, look ahead to their kids college years with dread wondering if they will ever have enough money to send their children to get a higher education.

Many students are of course dependent on loans to get them through as well has holding down jobs to try to pay off those loans. With the cost of college being more, sometimes way more, than $10,000 per year, many students face the prospect of graduating and being deep in debt. Financially, college is not the carefree fun time it once used to be for so many.

Is it wise to have college students graduating with a mound of debt needing to be paid off? At that young age, people should be enjoying life and not have to feel the daily pressure of needing a job just to tread water with their debt. Finding a job now is hard enough and when you add in the debt load many of these graduates are carrying, it makes one wonder whether college was really worth it?

Many recent college graduates are finding that, in this horrible economy, a college degree does not guarantee any kind of job. Additionally, many college graduates end up getting jobs in fields that are unrelated to what they studied in college or jobs that dont require a degree at all. This means many students may be wasting their degree and the money they spent to get it.

In the final analysis, college is not that beneficial to many students who dont have very specific career goals. If the choice is graduating college with a $40,000 to $50,000 debt load as opposed to getting a job right out of high school and being able to save right away, the choice becomes unclear. It is true that a college degree can benefit you later in life and generally help prepare you for life, but there has to be a point where that price tag is just too high and we may already be at that point.

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