Saturday, June 20, 2009

Work at home

Work at home Wait a minute, work? Yes, you do have to do something. It's only a little bit of work. Setting up your work at home business is crucial. It's not hard if you know...

Work at home without confusion. So many people get started the wrong way and wander through the internet looking for the way. Really, this business is so simple, the facts seem to elude you. Wouldn't you rather get it right the fist go at it? Yeah, I hear ya. Read on.

What does it take to work at home?

Hmmm, good question. To start with, you need something or a service to sell. Honestly a service would require more work but are valueable to many customers. Plenty of income comes in via work at home services. If that's your market, by all means go for it. I'm a little lazy and something like that would be draining to me.

The thought of work at home to me means very little work at all! Here's the deal, I set up a product, help people find it, and kick back and enjoy my work at home lifestyle. It's really that simple.

What would you sell?

Ok, I already mentioned a service would be too much work. So a product is needed. Downloadable products are the best, man. Talk about set and forget! You can set up a simple website with a product and get paid over and over. You heard me, it happens everyday. Why not have the same for yourself. "I don't know what to do when it comes to working at home" is a common phrase. Remember, this is so simple it's hard to get your head around it.

As for products there's lots of downloadable products you can get your hands on. If you shop around a bit you can find anything for any work at home budget. The supply is endless. Just make sure you get the rights to sell the product.

Get it online.

Having a website is the nuts and bolts of working at home. Childs play for some, a nightmare for many. This is the real, laborous work in this business. Grab some water and a towel, you are going to sweat hard with this 10 minutes of work. But when you are done you can go play and still get paid over and over and over. I don't mind the sweat.

OK, get a product, get it online, now what?

Get customers! Pssst, I got a real gold nugget for you that holds true in ANY business including a work at home business. Listen carefully, never go after a customer, let them come to you. Your work at home business is the holy grail for that golden rule. You do not have to run down a customer to get a sale at all. Watching the money go into your account is actually the only interaction you will have with about all your customers.

Alright, I'm giving in here and spilling the beans on this business secret. Just how do you get customers if you don't go after them. You ready, you just get in front of them. And with your work at home business you can get in front of billions with the search engines. They type in a search, find that you have exactly what they were looking for and they buy from you! You didn't have to go after them at all. You didn't even have to give them a sales pitch. They already talked themselves into it, then they found you. I told you it was easy to work at home.

Set it up in less than an hour.

An hour is actually a newbies time frame. I'm not bragging, I remember how it was learning how to do these simple tasks. Once you get the hang of it 10-15 minutes is more like it. How does that sound? 10 minutes worth of work and you keep getting paid say till you take down the site. That's what I'm talking about!

Work at home customers come to you.

I'm running out of time here so this will be short. Getting in front of your customers is achieved by a little search engine optimization. Ooh, big words. How about SEO? Sound better? It's no big deal really. The guru's make a sweet living keeping people in the dark about this. It's not much more than giving the search engines what they want to hear. That's it. That's all there is to it. A few tweaks and the right things where they need to be is all it takes. The guru's are reall scared to death of you figuring this out. Cause you'll be dipping into thier business. Not helping the compitition is what they are thinking. You gonna let them get away with that?

Time for me to work at home now.

I gotta go for a bike ride with my 7 year old son. While we're riding we'll figure out how we will spend the rest of the day. I love working at home.

Real quick so I don't leave you hanging. I use a lot of products that comes with everything I need for my work at home business. They even come with a website included. Just edit it, load it, and sell it. For example, here's one that has a high demand downloadable product, a license to resell, a prewritten complete website (just edit and load), and it even comes with a bonus showing how to get your premade website to #1 on google. It's as easy as 1 2 3.

Get a product, get it online, get it in front of people. Have your Work at home business up and running in about an hour.

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