Sunday, June 21, 2009

save money smarter

Feeling short of money? Make more and spend less!

You want to go where money is? Watch prison break first!

It's so much easier said than done to save money. Well, somebody has given lists such as cutting your coffee, less entertainment, less shopping (no, you are killing me)... That works for your money but not for your life, because you save for a better one.

To better manage your money, here comes some tips:

First, set your goal in short-term and long-term. There must be something you want in desperation, like a car, a macbook. You will figure out what to cut to have your dream come true. Yes, you are not really saving money here, but you find the ways.

Second, make a budget and prioritize your spending. Track your monthly expenses and calculate the average for your regular payments (Rent, Phone Bills, utilities, gas etc.). Shopping and entertainment may change from month to month, set a minimum. When you have a total spending plan for the next month, save all the surplus for investment or open a savings account.

Third and the smarter way, when you have to buy something, find a cheap one. Actually this is easy because you are online. DO NOT save your cable expense.

The Internet has changed our way of life: Users get greater access to information than ever before. It also offers many opportunities for saving money. As online shopping has become more and more popular, businesses have been pressured into not only maintaining an online presence, but also competing for a thriving global consumer base. Online deals and specials are powerful persuasion for potential customers, and are therefore used by many retailers. If you know where to look, you can find many ways to save money online, such as traditional coupons that you can print out and carry with you, and online coupons that use links or coupon codes to save you money.

There are two ways applying the discount for online stores: linked coupons and coupon codes . With a linked coupon, you simply click on the link, and it takes you to the online store via a special URL; then when you finish the shopping, your savings will be applied to your shopping cart automatically. A coupon code is a special code you will need to enter when you check out. Because online stores depend on online coupons and promotions to boost sales, these codes are very easy to find. There are many websites dedicated to listing current online coupons and coupon codes such as , etc. Most of these sites offer a search feature to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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