Friday, June 19, 2009

A Healthy Way To Perceive Money

Jacky bourke
Money is a form of energy necessary for the world that we live in; at least in the majority of the 21st century world. However human conditioning about money is often at the root of a lifetime of money problems or at least perceived money problems in some cases.

Cast your minds back to when the barter system existed as the core economical system, there was no need for money lust then, but of course the pure barter system had its' inefficiencies leading it to being replaced by money for more convenience. If we had realised what slaves some of us were to become to money, would we have done this? Although now the barter system is making a comeback on the internet and through economical changes, barter communities are being set up to meet certain needs. These economical also mean that a fast cash payday loan can help people cross over that bridge while they manage to attract money continuously.

Money is only worth the opportunities it gives to us, and the real value of money can only be known when a person feels this way about it, and continues to feel this way, even if this person has increasing temptation as his bank balance grows.

Let's put it into simple terms - do you consider money to be your friend? Or do you see money as that cool, elusive person who vary rarely speaks to you? Or is money a friend to you but only when you do things that you know you don't want to do or shouldn't do?

Ok, perhaps this sounds a bit odd but attracting and respecting the energy of money lies in how you truly feel about it. Many people suffer from a lack of self-worth if they do not have what they feel is a sufficient amount of money. This has been encouraged for many years by the media and society at large. Television ads portraying the picture of a correctly, desirable lifestyle which must include the pretty or even beautiful home, a brand new stylish family car or ideally more, a trophy wife of husband, with picture perfect kids, families in ads who never argue and always look miraculously perfect.

Or to look at it slightly differently, compare how people react to you when you are having a great, buzzing day or the opposite type, where it is bad and you're struggling to be out in the world at all. You know that you're like a magnet on a good day and a repellent on a bad day.

So just move over this approach to how you see money and its real value. If you can shift your viewpoint and practice seeing money as your friend, you will see surprising changes happening. However be warned, these changes will not happen if you have only made a mental shift and not a fully embraced mental, emotional and physical shift towards your relationship with money.

Notice how many people talk a lot about how bad things are, how they are stuck for money, how they had worked really hard but then the extra big bill came in for car repairs.. You must stop yourself joining in these thoughts and conversations, because these are the vibrations of shortage. As long as you put energy into these you cannot possible expect to really see money as your friend, and create the financial abundance that is waiting for you!
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