Sunday, June 21, 2009

save money smarter

Feeling short of money? Make more and spend less!

You want to go where money is? Watch prison break first!

It's so much easier said than done to save money. Well, somebody has given lists such as cutting your coffee, less entertainment, less shopping (no, you are killing me)... That works for your money but not for your life, because you save for a better one.

To better manage your money, here comes some tips:

First, set your goal in short-term and long-term. There must be something you want in desperation, like a car, a macbook. You will figure out what to cut to have your dream come true. Yes, you are not really saving money here, but you find the ways.

Second, make a budget and prioritize your spending. Track your monthly expenses and calculate the average for your regular payments (Rent, Phone Bills, utilities, gas etc.). Shopping and entertainment may change from month to month, set a minimum. When you have a total spending plan for the next month, save all the surplus for investment or open a savings account.

Third and the smarter way, when you have to buy something, find a cheap one. Actually this is easy because you are online. DO NOT save your cable expense.

The Internet has changed our way of life: Users get greater access to information than ever before. It also offers many opportunities for saving money. As online shopping has become more and more popular, businesses have been pressured into not only maintaining an online presence, but also competing for a thriving global consumer base. Online deals and specials are powerful persuasion for potential customers, and are therefore used by many retailers. If you know where to look, you can find many ways to save money online, such as traditional coupons that you can print out and carry with you, and online coupons that use links or coupon codes to save you money.

There are two ways applying the discount for online stores: linked coupons and coupon codes . With a linked coupon, you simply click on the link, and it takes you to the online store via a special URL; then when you finish the shopping, your savings will be applied to your shopping cart automatically. A coupon code is a special code you will need to enter when you check out. Because online stores depend on online coupons and promotions to boost sales, these codes are very easy to find. There are many websites dedicated to listing current online coupons and coupon codes such as , etc. Most of these sites offer a search feature to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Work at home

Work at home Wait a minute, work? Yes, you do have to do something. It's only a little bit of work. Setting up your work at home business is crucial. It's not hard if you know...

Work at home without confusion. So many people get started the wrong way and wander through the internet looking for the way. Really, this business is so simple, the facts seem to elude you. Wouldn't you rather get it right the fist go at it? Yeah, I hear ya. Read on.

What does it take to work at home?

Hmmm, good question. To start with, you need something or a service to sell. Honestly a service would require more work but are valueable to many customers. Plenty of income comes in via work at home services. If that's your market, by all means go for it. I'm a little lazy and something like that would be draining to me.

The thought of work at home to me means very little work at all! Here's the deal, I set up a product, help people find it, and kick back and enjoy my work at home lifestyle. It's really that simple.

What would you sell?

Ok, I already mentioned a service would be too much work. So a product is needed. Downloadable products are the best, man. Talk about set and forget! You can set up a simple website with a product and get paid over and over. You heard me, it happens everyday. Why not have the same for yourself. "I don't know what to do when it comes to working at home" is a common phrase. Remember, this is so simple it's hard to get your head around it.

As for products there's lots of downloadable products you can get your hands on. If you shop around a bit you can find anything for any work at home budget. The supply is endless. Just make sure you get the rights to sell the product.

Get it online.

Having a website is the nuts and bolts of working at home. Childs play for some, a nightmare for many. This is the real, laborous work in this business. Grab some water and a towel, you are going to sweat hard with this 10 minutes of work. But when you are done you can go play and still get paid over and over and over. I don't mind the sweat.

OK, get a product, get it online, now what?

Get customers! Pssst, I got a real gold nugget for you that holds true in ANY business including a work at home business. Listen carefully, never go after a customer, let them come to you. Your work at home business is the holy grail for that golden rule. You do not have to run down a customer to get a sale at all. Watching the money go into your account is actually the only interaction you will have with about all your customers.

Alright, I'm giving in here and spilling the beans on this business secret. Just how do you get customers if you don't go after them. You ready, you just get in front of them. And with your work at home business you can get in front of billions with the search engines. They type in a search, find that you have exactly what they were looking for and they buy from you! You didn't have to go after them at all. You didn't even have to give them a sales pitch. They already talked themselves into it, then they found you. I told you it was easy to work at home.

Set it up in less than an hour.

An hour is actually a newbies time frame. I'm not bragging, I remember how it was learning how to do these simple tasks. Once you get the hang of it 10-15 minutes is more like it. How does that sound? 10 minutes worth of work and you keep getting paid say till you take down the site. That's what I'm talking about!

Work at home customers come to you.

I'm running out of time here so this will be short. Getting in front of your customers is achieved by a little search engine optimization. Ooh, big words. How about SEO? Sound better? It's no big deal really. The guru's make a sweet living keeping people in the dark about this. It's not much more than giving the search engines what they want to hear. That's it. That's all there is to it. A few tweaks and the right things where they need to be is all it takes. The guru's are reall scared to death of you figuring this out. Cause you'll be dipping into thier business. Not helping the compitition is what they are thinking. You gonna let them get away with that?

Time for me to work at home now.

I gotta go for a bike ride with my 7 year old son. While we're riding we'll figure out how we will spend the rest of the day. I love working at home.

Real quick so I don't leave you hanging. I use a lot of products that comes with everything I need for my work at home business. They even come with a website included. Just edit it, load it, and sell it. For example, here's one that has a high demand downloadable product, a license to resell, a prewritten complete website (just edit and load), and it even comes with a bonus showing how to get your premade website to #1 on google. It's as easy as 1 2 3.

Get a product, get it online, get it in front of people. Have your Work at home business up and running in about an hour.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Healthy Way To Perceive Money

Jacky bourke
Money is a form of energy necessary for the world that we live in; at least in the majority of the 21st century world. However human conditioning about money is often at the root of a lifetime of money problems or at least perceived money problems in some cases.

Cast your minds back to when the barter system existed as the core economical system, there was no need for money lust then, but of course the pure barter system had its' inefficiencies leading it to being replaced by money for more convenience. If we had realised what slaves some of us were to become to money, would we have done this? Although now the barter system is making a comeback on the internet and through economical changes, barter communities are being set up to meet certain needs. These economical also mean that a fast cash payday loan can help people cross over that bridge while they manage to attract money continuously.

Money is only worth the opportunities it gives to us, and the real value of money can only be known when a person feels this way about it, and continues to feel this way, even if this person has increasing temptation as his bank balance grows.

Let's put it into simple terms - do you consider money to be your friend? Or do you see money as that cool, elusive person who vary rarely speaks to you? Or is money a friend to you but only when you do things that you know you don't want to do or shouldn't do?

Ok, perhaps this sounds a bit odd but attracting and respecting the energy of money lies in how you truly feel about it. Many people suffer from a lack of self-worth if they do not have what they feel is a sufficient amount of money. This has been encouraged for many years by the media and society at large. Television ads portraying the picture of a correctly, desirable lifestyle which must include the pretty or even beautiful home, a brand new stylish family car or ideally more, a trophy wife of husband, with picture perfect kids, families in ads who never argue and always look miraculously perfect.

Or to look at it slightly differently, compare how people react to you when you are having a great, buzzing day or the opposite type, where it is bad and you're struggling to be out in the world at all. You know that you're like a magnet on a good day and a repellent on a bad day.

So just move over this approach to how you see money and its real value. If you can shift your viewpoint and practice seeing money as your friend, you will see surprising changes happening. However be warned, these changes will not happen if you have only made a mental shift and not a fully embraced mental, emotional and physical shift towards your relationship with money.

Notice how many people talk a lot about how bad things are, how they are stuck for money, how they had worked really hard but then the extra big bill came in for car repairs.. You must stop yourself joining in these thoughts and conversations, because these are the vibrations of shortage. As long as you put energy into these you cannot possible expect to really see money as your friend, and create the financial abundance that is waiting for you!
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

professional indemnity insurance

The importance of insurance in our daily lives cannot be ignored. Buying an insurance cover is no longer an option; rather it is one of the bare necessities of life. Insurance pervades in ever sphere of human existence. We can insure everything we want, be it our properties, assets, health, and not to forget our own profession. Just like our other properties, our profession is an asset and perhaps the most important one. It is something that lays down the basic foundation of our existence and is the seed where we reap rewards our all amenities we afford.

We as human beings are susceptible to mistakes. But when it is the question of making mistake in our professional code of conduct, our self confidence gets better of us. We are reluctant to admit that we are capable of making mistakes, intentional or otherwise. And the instances are not rare when our negligence in course of professional service costs the clients financially only to get you bombarded with hefty compensatory claims.

In such a situation, professional indemnity insurance indemnifies the policyholder against losses and financial claims incurred due to negligence, error or omission in course of his service. A good number of professionals like lawyers, real estate brokers and architects resort to a professional indemnity insurance so as to protect their business needs.
While you opt in for the policy make sure you go through the initial disclosure document. This would help you assess the scope of the policy and the terms and conditions applied therein. While leafing across the disclosure document, make sure that your insurance policy provider is registered under the regulatory body acting in your nation.

A good number of folks are of the opinion that a profession indemnity cover is an additional overhead expense without any tangible benefit. However, with the increase in consumer awareness, people are more concerned about the kind of service they receive. It makes sense to buy a professional indemnity cover to protect long term interest of your business.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Voice of Semar

The Voice of Semar

The Voice of Semar by Luxamore

Children of Semar:

Emerge out of the cocoon of closed-mindedness, Be receptive to truths, even if they hurt.

Reform your character before demanding the reformation of others, For the perfection of the world begins with thyself.

Beliefs and blind faith are a drawback to spiritual progress, They bind one to superstition, fear and ignorance.

Acquire the understanding that divine revelation is a continuous process, For humanity is ever-evolving and is ever in need of higher education.

Fanaticism is a devilish expression and has to be eradicated, For it begets separatism, inharmony, and violence among men.

Transcend racial, tribal, and sectarian attitudes, Nothing causes so much strife and suffering as separatism.

Know that human laws must reflect Cosmic laws if they are to be helpful, Man-made laws without divine sanction may restrict the workings of justice.

Understand that the highest civilization is not dependent upon external technology, It is dependent more upon spiritual unfoldment and the awakening of divine potentials.

Be not hesitant to do away with traditions and customs should you be aware of their negative content, It is in purifying the dross in anything and in everything that the treasure may be revealed.

Do not mistreat Nature with your arrogant expressions, Be kind to her, and she will be kind to you.

Know that egocentrism has always been the core and cause of humanity's problems, It is the same with you, what would you do?

Why give your personal power away by letting others do the thinking for you? Learn how to think, be not afraid to think for yourself.

Learn how to take charge of, and be responsible for yourselves; Letting others do the work for you causes your own stagnation in the mire.

Seek God and your divine heritage, not for any worldly or heavenly benefits, But because it is destined and right for every being to do so.

If you profess being a follower of any religion, then apply the moral and spiritual precepts; Vain beliefs and faith without the application of spiritual principles makes you nothing but a hypocrite.

It is impossible to grow in any way if you are stuck in your mortal-mindedness; In essence you are divine, immortal, with all the powers of a god; therefore, remove thoughts of mental limitations.

One of your problems is self-centeredness. How will you evolve without self-forgetfulness, selflessness, and self-sacrifice?

Psychics and paranormals may mislead you. Truth does not dwell in the world of psychicism.

Why do you curse and verbally attack others? Garbage from your mouth will only darken your light.

Why pay attention to gossip, why attend to celebrities? More important work awaits your attention.

Why do you constantly think of the opposite sex in such lustful ways? There is no rest for the mind troubled by excessive sexual thoughts.

Why do you express your sexuality in such animalistic ways? Sex should only be the expression of true love, affection and tenderness.

Why believe yourself to be a dweller of an island, a nation, a planet? God has given you and all beings the whole universe to live in.

You are alive with divine gifts and yet you use them not; Why then complain of your apparent lack of abundance?

Why feel inferior or superior to others? In essence you are all children of the Light with the same divine-potentials.

Why do you express your lower side in art, music, and culture? The decline of civilization results from the predominance of negative expressions of the psyche.

Why fill your minds with trash issued from magazines, commercials, movies and gossips? You will constantly think of the things you fill your minds with, and the things you think of you will become.

Why be too opinionated when opinions seldom reflect truth? For if they were truths, they would not be called opinions.

How can you call yourselves civilized when your way of thinking is still primitive? Though it be reason that distinguishes a man from a beast, it is compassion and love that distinguishes a civilized man from a primitive one.

Where is your love and compassion, children of Semar? Why express the dark side when it is so much easier expressing light?

Why quibble over doctrines and dogmas, they simply cause you to go astray; Everyone is your brother and sister no matter what their beliefs.

The greatest solution to a problem satisfies all parties involved, A poor solution only satisfies the person who makes it.

Why have you no respect for life? Animals and trees are your brothers just as the person next to you.

Why be sensitive to the harsh words of men when you should be listening to the sweet voice of the Spirit?

Your attention should be directed inwards and not brooding upon external voices--the insults or criticisms of others.

Why do you fight fire with fire, for such is immature; How long more will you remain in the valley and not rise to the mountain peak?

Why act as prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner yourselves? Have you no faith that Cosmic laws will deal justly to those that transgresses her?

Why do you complain of situations and circumstances when it is you that helped to create them? The world that you experience is simply a reflection of your thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs.

Why are your devotional prayers so mechanical, so robotic? Have you no real love and yearning for the Almighty?

No matter what your beliefs you think them to be true; If they are beliefs and not experiential knowledge how can they be true?

When will you awaken to Reality, to Truth, to the Presence of the Almighty? Enchanted with carnal matters have drugged you into spiritual slumber.

You seek spiritual guidance for the sake of your own welfare. When will you seek guidance for the sake of your fellow men?

You treat others as infidels, as unbelievers, as outcasts; Know ye that separative thoughts are spawned by the devil.

God gives freely, Nature gives abundantly; And yet, you claim their gifts as your own and will not benefit others.

You believe in your nation's future greatness as proclaimed by messengers, And yet, if nothing is done to manifest this greatness, it but remains in the air.

Why do you wait for a savior? Why do you waste time waiting for a Goddess of Justice? Manifest the savior in your hearts; be the hands and mouthpiece of the Goddess.

Your hatreds, anger, violence, and egoism have polluted the subtle worlds; These rebound back to you and cause your catastrophes and disasters.

How long will you remain in darkness? No one can pull you out of it except yourselves.

Why do you hesitate to forgive your brother? Are you so perfect that you are without sin?

You believe it impossible to be perfect so that you will not need to strive for it; Yet strive for perfection for it is your destiny to outgrow the human condition.

Purify your thoughts, for thoughts are creative and manifests themselves in this world; Negative thoughts affect people negatively, positive thoughts affect people positively.

The violence in your mind creates the violence in this world; Therefore cause your mind to be tranquil, that the world may reflect such a state.

You are beautiful and yet you will not express your beauty; You are unique and yet you suppress your uniqueness.

Why do you carry your ego with you? So long as your ego exist, you will not be saved from the tortures of "hell."

There is not much time left for you; A world-cycle is coming to a close.

Will you continue to accumulate possessions and lose your soul? All that prevents or hinders your spiritual progress is evil at work.

Will you ascend to heaven alone without having compassion for your brothers? Stay where you are and help others to ascend likewise.

Are you a coward that you will not teach and be responsible for others? You are your brother's keeper, when will you realize that?

How will your nation be a spiritual light of the world, when you will not be spiritual? The transformation of an organism begins at the cellular level.

Being religious or psychic is not the same as being spiritual; Being spiritual entails radiating the highest light in the lowest darkness.

Why do you blame others and God for your troubles? It is you that is the primary cause, others simply act out your script.

Take the best qualities of both East and West and make them your own; Take the worst qualities of both East and West and eradicate them from your being.

Why are you a slave to your carnal desires and appetites? They are the source of your pain and suffering.

Why are you arrogant, are you omniscient? Do not force your beliefs upon another, for blind you may be leading the blind.

Copyright © 2006 Luxamore

Leonard Lee aka Luxamore
Metaphysical teacher, counseler, healer and merchant of occult/magickal items of Indonesia.
Magickal Items from Indonesia: talismans, mustika pearls, kerises, etc.
Magickal Bezoar Mustika Pearls from Indonesia.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

The Art of Balancing an Unequal Life

The Art of Balancing an Unequal Life

The Art of Balancing an Unequal Life by Eileen McDargh

Study the best seller lists of the past few years and you'll notice titles that range from Peter Lynch's "Beating the Street" to Thomas Moore's "Care of the Soul: How to Find Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life." This juxtaposition captures the dilemma facing all of us in the business world. How does one swim with the sharks, squeeze the margins of an angst-filled financial world, and still lead a life of wholeness in spirit, mind and body?

Nor is this a new question. Marsilio Ficino's 15th Century treatise, "The Book of Life," sought to help the Medicis and their merchant counterparts create a renaissance of spirit amid the draining demands of commerce and a new creature called capitalism.

Whether a Renaissance banker or the CEO of a high tech conglomerate, whether a guild master of stonework or a manager of information services, the issue is still one of balance.

But balance is not an equal measure of work, love, prayer and play. Nor is it a state that can be achieved and frozen in form for all time. Rather, this amorphous thing called "balance" is an on-going, deliberate set of decisions that make the journey of life much like the metaphor of sailing.

Consider the single person sailboat. When there is much wind, the little boat appears off balance, moving forward at an angle, sails filled to bursting and the sailor leaning back over the craft, with one hand on the sheet and toes hooked under the railing. What allows the sailor to stay in the boat is that he is connected to all the important parts of that craft. When the wind shifts, so too must the sailor.

Life is also like that. We give ourselves tremendous mental stress when we think that life must balance. Having a different image allows us to see where we might be out of control.

Briefly, there will always be competing and unequal demands upon our time... much like the tug of the tiller or the push of the wind. Depending upon the course we have chosen for ourselves, we respond to these demands. We might decide to change direction, seek harbor, or give full rein to the beating waves and blustery wind. The quality of these decisions depends upon the direction of our sailboat, the prevailing winds, the depth of the water, and the need for overhaul and repair.

Direction refers to the goals, created by our values, which we have established. The wind and the depth of the water represent those people and events, outside our control, which make demands upon our time. Lastly, overhaul and repair stands for the need to cease and desist, to nurture and renew our physical and spiritual self, and to re-examine the course we are sailing.

If we consider sailing as a metaphor for the "balance" we all seek along life's journey, then what is needed are navigational aids. What could help all of us on such a journey is a process, a formula, whereby we might take stock of our decisions, weighing them against our personal values, goals, and physical requirements. Since we are all bound by the same relentless 24-hour day, we would be best served by looking at not how much we can cram into the blocks called "time", but how wisely do we choose what we put into our finite day.

Step 1: Answer these questions to help you determine what is of value to you. Value has more to do with who you are and how you live your life, not what you have achieved. For example, you might value life-long learning, financial security, service to others, loving relationships, and spiritual growth. Once you have identified what is of value, you have a screen with which to filter through goals and activities.

One of the best ways to identify values is to create an imaginary sounding board composed of 4-5 people whom you value and admire and who, in turn, sincerely respect and like you. If each one were to give eulogy, what type of person would they say you were and why. What values arose? What goals or activities supported those values? Isolate those values and write them down. You might even be able to rank order the values.

Step 2: For the period of one week, keep a pad of paper handy and make a note of every task you perform and what role you play. For example, my roles are professional speaker, writer, wife, mother, friend, office worker, manager, daughter, sister, student, volunteer, and just plain ME. The latter refers to a role that nurtures and cares for me, not necessarily anyone else. Amazingly, I've discovered that every task is related to a role and that almost all tasks come in 15 minute increments.

Step 3: On a scale from minus 5 to plus 5, rate these roles and accompanying tasks according to enjoyment and personal value. In looking at the tasks of a week, interesting discoveries arise.

Are the various tasks and roles you've played congruent with the values you've identified? Are you putting more time than is reasonable into some tasks and roles? The operative word here is "reasonable." For example, a special friend lost her husband and had no one to help her with grief and anger, not to mention funeral arrangements and lawyers. My value of service and loving relationships and the role as "friend" and also surrogate "daughter" created many tasks and demands. For me, it would have been unreasonable not to spend considerable time with Jeanne. The sailboat headed in her direction.

Another example. I discovered that I was putting far too much time in the role of "office worker" rather than in the role of "manager". Instead of assigning tasks and growing others, I was taking work on that did NOT need to be done by me. Time to alter course and allow my associates to hold the tiller.

Finally, by putting so much emphasis on the role of professional speaker and its tasks, I had let drop ME. Time to make decisions for overhaul and repair, saying "yes" to a day off, to a day of contemplative silence. I realized that without the silence, all I bring to the platform and my audiences are echoes of words rather than insights.

Step 4: Now that you have identified what is, make a list of questions to ask yourself when you begin to take on a role and task. My list looks like this:

• Does it support my value for life-long learning and make a difference? Will it stop another person from growing?

• Will it stretch my abilities?

I recently accepted an assignment that will cost time, money and effort as well as time away from home. I accepted it because it will move me into trying something that I have never done before... an activity directly related to my role of professional speaking and service.

• Does it allow me to be with people whom I care about?

How often have we all said "yes" to an engagement because we feel "guilty"? The reality is that we find the people tedious, demanding, and downright boring. I have finally determined that if I have limited time with my family and friends, it is perfectly fine to periodically decline such invitations.

• Is it irresistible?

That's right—"Irresistible". Does what you are about to say "yes" to come without a significant doubt. Does the request come without compromise or force from either the offeror or me. There is no emotional blackmail, no "should", no social obligation. Irresistible requests are gifts to be gratefully accepted. If our time is filled only with "resistible" demands, how we will ever be able to accept the irresistible?

• Is it fun and will it allow for creativity and a change of pace?

• Will it create organization and structure in my life? Am I the only one who can do this?

• Will it nurture my physical well-being and respect my natural pace?

I have discovered that unlike many of my colleagues, non-stop travel is exhausting and not fun. My body requires seven hours of sleep, regular exercise and down time. I can take only so many back-on-back engagements before I must say "no". Trusting that I can say "no" is a lesson I struggle to learn.

• Is it authentic to me and of service to others?

I was asked if I would run for the Board of a non- profit. Knowing I have strong organizational and leadership abilities not to mention an ego - saying "yes" to serve the membership SEEMED appropriate. However, when I tested the request against the other questions listed above, more negative responses appeared.

The art of balancing an unequal life means that we seek answers to all these questions before choosing the next activity to put in our life. Yes there will be days, even months, when the pressure of every day pushes us into knee-jerk reactions and work seems to be working us. External forces and folks seem to be pushing us for more, for faster, for further. Once realized, stop. Lower the sails. Breathe. Ask yourself these questions. Remember, there is a big difference between the leading edge and the bleeding edge. Alienation from our authentic, deepest self and each other draws blood. Connection to our core and the humanity around us draws life.

Eileen McDargh is a powerful keynote speaker, recognized work/life leadership expert, and award winning author. Discover your organizational and personal resiliency factor with this free online survey Call toll free 877-477-4718

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Thursday, June 4, 2009




What do men want?

We women think we know. They want women who look like the ones on the Silver Screen, the ones on the pages of Vogue and Cosmo, women who look like Cindy Crawford or Nicole Kidman.

What do women want?

We want to look like the women men want. We want to have perfect bodies, perfect faces. And we want to feel good about ourselves, to wear the beautiful fashions we see in those magazines, to feel as beautiful inside as we think we are inside.

Ladies, women, girls, listen up: we have been deceived.

Men don’t like sticks or bones. Men like women who have some softness to their bodies. A curve or two or three. Women who don’t look like they’ll break in half in their hands. And they like strong women, both emotionally and physically.

There’s an old European saying that the bone is for the dog – the meat is for the man. That means that women with some flesh, some substance to them, are more attractive than women who are skin and bones.

Does this shock or surprise you?

Maybe it does.

Consider this: most of the fashion industry today is controlled by GAY MEN. Seriously. Now, that’s no complaint about gayness – it’s perfectly fine, and they have a unique perspective on beauty that is a true blessing to the world. But would you ask a mechanic to diagnose your liver problem?


What do gay men know about female beauty and sexuality? Are you trying to get gay men to look at you and say you’re beautiful, or do you prefer straight ones?

The answer is obvious.

So why are you looking at Cosmo and runway models and high fashion when you’re trying to judge female beauty? Shouldn’t you be asking men who the supermodels ought to be?

Now here’s another bone of contention: ask most men where they see beautiful women, and they’ll say Playboy or some other “male” magazine. However, if you ask them about Marilyn Monroe (size 14, sometimes a little larger) or the beautiful women painted by artists from the time of the ancient Greeks to just the last century, most will agree that these women are at least as beautiful, many even more beautiful.

Something disturbing is going on. Media images of women are growing thinner, while the average weight of American and European women is getting higher. Men are being told that these bone-thin women are the epitome of beautiful – and they’re believing it. And women who are on the plumper side of the bell curve, no matter how beautiful they are, are being told that they are ugly.

Ugly? Marilyn Monroe, ugly? Titian’s models, ugly? You and me?

We are being lied to by the fashion industry. Women of medically average size, and women who are on the larger side, are not only healthier than waifishly-thin women; they are more beautiful, sexier, enjoy life more. We are being told that fat is ugly. I’m telling you that fat is normal, and no uglier than, say, a nose. On some, it can be ugly. But on others, it’s a beautiful enhancement.

And the West is an anomaly. In Islamic countries, in India, in South America, in Africa, women of size are considered beautiful. A round belly and luxurious curves make a woman perfect, and sometimes that rounded belly or a large bottom and hips are more critical to being sexy than large breasts. African-American men and Latinos all agree that women with generous curves are by far the best.

What is wrong with us?

Part of it is the idea of beauty as an unattainable thing. It is mostly in poorer parts of the world that beauty is seen in large women. This is the same reason that tans became fashionable in the mid-20th century, when working women were pale and you had to have money to be dark-skinned.

But that’s only part of it. The rest of the reason probably has more to do with the images promoted by the media than anything. The media is always looking for the bigger, edgier, more extreme image – and in beauty, extreme is going to be very thin, very bosomy, very perfected. That’s why we have these impossibly-shaped women with ribs showing under their size-F bosoms.

There is a solution.

We must rebel. Instead of bowing to the media, instead of hiding our beauty under a bushel, we must come forward, all the beautiful large women we are. We must lay claim to our share of women’s beauty. It’s ours. We have a right to it.

We must make men stop looking at those unnatural women in magazines as female perfection, and start looking at us instead.

We must let the rest of the world know that we exist, and that we will not stand for it. There are millions who will stand with us if we do it: lovely plus-size women, women who’ve starved their bodies into submission and are just tired of it, men who love women with curves. If we stop being afraid, we can pull others out of the dark places and muumuus they’ve been hiding in. We can let the light of day shine on our voluptuous bodies at the beach and in our backyards, and stop being shamed by those who have no idea what they’re talking about.

It will take a movement. It will take a revolution of beauty. I think we’re all up to it. We have the energy to take on those wispy malnourished girls, and feed them a sandwich or two.

Ladies, let’s bring it on.

Nancy Hayssen, Author of "101 Ways to Market Yourself as a Plus Size Model...with NO Experience!" and former owner of the #1 website worldwide for sexy plus size models.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Nine Habits which Self Made Millionaires Adopt

hope you've read my other article, the 'Seven-Step Formula to Financial Abundance'. If not, I highly encourage that you read it as in this article I'm going to elaborate further into adopting the million- dollar mindset, which is the first in the Seven- Step Formula to Financial Abundance.

This is widely regarded as the most important step too. This is because in order to be achieve financial abundance, your mind has to be first conditioned for it. Always remember that millionaires think and see the world very differently.Unless you condition your brain to think the same way, you will fail to identify and spot the opportunities and lessons hidden amongst obstacles and failures. Only with the million-dollar mindset will you develop the drive, focus and determination to take the necessary action to propel yourself towards financial abundace.

You may ask this question 'Is the Million Dollar Mindset really so powerful?' The answer is 'Definitely!' If you have the million- dollar mindset, you will not let failure destroy you. And mot importantly, when faced with obstacles, you do not admit defeat but rather you will overcome them and emerge stronger.

One very good example would be famous real estate mogul and host of popular TV show 'The Apprentice' - Donald Trump. The Donald Trump you see today is a billionaire and has achieved immense success. However, many people may be unaware that he actually lost his entire fortune when property prices crashed in the early 1990s. Most people facing such a huge setback would inevitably concede defeat. But certainly not Donald Trump, who managed to overturn a $900 million personal debt and nearly $3.5 billion in business debt into a $3.7 million fortune. The reason is because his mentality is different from the average Joe and he refuses to let setbacks dominate him.

So what is the million- dollar mindset? Basically, it is the way we perceive the world. It is the way we frame, filter and make sense of the events and experiences in our life. Thus, the million- dollar mindset is made up of your habits, beliefs, values and attitudes. So with that, lets move on to explore the ‘Nine Habits of Self- Made Millionaires’ which will enable to think like a millionaire too.

Millionaire Habit 1: Be a Value Creator by Always Exceeding Expectations

There are basically three categories of people in life. The first is what I deem as the ‘Value Reducers’. People who fall under this category have a habit of doing less than expected. Therefore, they reduce the value in whichever organization they belong to. As such, they are considered as liabilities and expenses to a company.
Then you have the second category of people who have the habit of doing exactly as expected. These people sustain the value in whichever organization they belong to as they merely do what is expected of them. As such, they are considered as dispensable assets and low return investments to a company.
Lastly, there is this minority but yet most powerful category of people known as the ‘Value Creators’. These are the people who do a lot more than expected. Through their own initiative, they will always exceed others’ expectations of them. Hence, they create tremendous amount of value for their companies. And because of that, they are considered indispensable assets and high return investments to their company. These are the people who do not have to worry about getting retrenched because their bosses will eventually notice their efforts and pay them more and more in order to retain them. Even if their current bosses do not recognize their value, they do not need to worry as other companies will definitely hunt them down for the value they create.
Thus, tell yourself that you must always strive to be a value creator from this moment onwards!

Millionaire Habit 2: Be Proactive and Make Things Happen

The second millionaire habit u need to adopt is to be proactive and make things happen. People who are proactive do not wait for things to happen, but rather, they take the initiative to make things happen. When there are no opportunities around, they do not sit and wait for opportunities to come knocking on them. Rather, they go out and seek opportunities for themselves. Likewise, when faced with setbacks or problems, proactive people will go all out to find solutions to their problems and overcome their setbacks. Therefore, they have the choice to change and control their life.
On the other hand, reactive people wait for things to happen. If there are no opportunities around, they just sit back and wait for opportunities to come. But they fail to realize that opportunities do not just come by so easily. Reactive people when faced with setbacks or problems will simply concede defeat and choose to complain instead of trying to improve the situation. As such, they are often not in control of their lives but rather, they choose to let other people control their lives.
Hence, only when you are proactive will you be in full control of your success and wealth. So start making things happen straight away!

Millionaire Habit 3: Do What You Love

The next habit you need to adopt is to do what you absolutely love most. This may sound stupid as you may ask why will anyone do what they hate. However, take a good look around and you would see many people working in industries they do not have a passion for. Why do most people complain about going to work each day? Its simply because they do not have a passion for their work, and thus they simply dread it. When things do not go their way, they will simply complain.
However, most successful individuals have one thing in common. They love what they do. And it is because of this intense passion for they what they are doing that drives them to succeed. To these people, their work is equivalent to play. Thus, they are enjoying every single moment of their work and their motivation is natural.
Only when you eat, breathe and sleep your field of work, will you be the best in the industry you are in. And in today’s competitive world, when you are far from the best in your industry, you are going to find it extremely hard to survive. Hence, start identifying what you are strongly passionate about. Thereafter, think of who can learn from in that industry and strive to be the best. When you are able to do what you love, you will never have to ‘work’ another day of your life!

Millionaire Habit 4: Believe in Delayed Gratification

This is one habit which many people are guilty of not being able to keep up with, including myself. Yet, it is one habit which will determine if you are going to be financially free or not. You see, there are effectively two ways you can use your money. One is to spend it, the other is to save or invest it. Most people opt for the former, because you get instant gratification from it. When you spend your money on the new watch or designer clothes, you get instant happiness. Thus, instant gratification is the habit of wanting to enjoy now and not having the patience to wait for future benefits. People who constantly desire instant gratification rarely have the discipline to save and let their money compound and grow. Not surprisingly, they will never be wealthy.
On the other hand, people who opt to save or invest their money believe in delayed gratification. These are the people who will not spend their money impulsively on things which will not bring them future benefits. Rather, they will spend their money wisely, choosing to invest in seminars, books. They will also invest their money in stocks and bonds, and allow their money to compound and grow. Initially they may not see huge returns, but they have the patience to wait for their money compound slowly but surely.
Therefore, start analyzing your spending habits today and ensure you believe in delayed gratification.

Millionaire Habit 5: Never Get Complacent and Constantly Improve Oneself

What major reason why people fail is because they get complacent.Problems often occur when you get complacent. When you are complacent about your business, you tend to relax and that’s when your competitors will overtake you. When you are complacent about your health, you tend to neglect it and that’s when illnesses will attack you. Therefore, no matter how successful or wealthy you might think you are, always ask yourself how can be the best.
Hence, always strive for excellence in whatever you do and continuously seekways for improvement in all areas of your life.

Millionaire Habit 6: Be 100% Committed and Make it a MUST to Succeed

So what does it take to be 100% committed? People always think that they are committed to achieving success or wealth. However, there’s a clear distinction between wanting to succeed, and being 100% committed to succeed. When you are 100% committed to succeed, you make it an absolute MUST to succeed. You will do whatever it takes to succeed. If it means having to only sleep 4 hours a day, you will do it. Do not worry though, as I’m not encouraging you to sleep only 4 hours. But you must be able to see the clear distinction. Making something a MUST means making it your number one priority and stretching yourself way beyond your comfort zone to achieve it.
When you are not 100% committed to achieving something, you will never achieve it. This is because the path to success and wealth is never easy. Thus, people often give up when the going gets tough. It all boils down to the fact that they have not make it a MUST. When you are 100% committed to be a millionaire, you will do whatever it takes to overcome the challenges you might face. However, if you only ‘wish’ or ‘want’ to become a millionaire, your mind will eventually be filled by other ‘wants’ that will eventually take away all you attention and time.
Start asking yourself this question now, ‘Is success and wealth a must for you? Or is it only a want?’ If your answer is a ‘MUST’, then you should change the way you are spending your time now and be 100% committed to achieving it.

Millionaire Habit 7: Instill a Sense of Integrity

This is indeed one very important value you need to adopt, as people will only trust those with integrity. Once you lose your integrity, you also lose the trust that people have in you, and you will lose your friends and business partners. Having integrity involves doing what you say you will do. You must be someone who is reliable and responsible and only then will people want to associate with you.
So, start instilling a sense of integrity in you right now and wealth will come to you!

Millionaire Habit 8: Have Self- Discipline

In order to succeed, you must have the discipline to go through all that is necessary for you to succeed. Even if the journey is tedious and boring, you must have the discipline to persist. You must have a set of rules for yourself and you must stick by it no matter what it takes. Only with discipline can you overcome all challenges and create wealth.
So, start instilling a sense of self- discipline in you and never compromise on your rules.

Millionaire Habit 9: Perceive Failure as Feedback and Turn it Into Success

The final millionaire habit is the ability to perceive failure as feedback and turn it into success. What many people do not know is in actual fact, many millionaires today have experienced major failures in their life. The truth is that everybody fails at one point or another. However, while most people will allow failure to kill their faith, successful people are able to perceive it as feedback and turn failure into success.
There are three ways people respond to failure. The first group of people will get extremely disappointed and they just give up completely. The second group are slightly more determined as they will not give up instantly. Rather, they will keep trying but using the same strategies over and over again. As a result, they will continue to fail many times until they become disillusioned and also give up eventually.
However, successful millionaires perceive failure differently. Every time they encounter setbacks, they do not see it as failure. Rather, they perceive it as feedback that they are not using the right strategy. Hence, they will accept this feedback and change their strategy until they achieve what they desire.
Remember this quote: ‘Success is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is the result of experience. Experience is the result of bad judgment’ – Anthony Robbins.
Hence, accept the fact that we will bound to experience failures. However, do not perceive it as failure but rather see it as feedback and let it help you achieve success!

So, there you have it! The Nine Habits of Self Made Millionaires. Master them, and I guarantee that you will experience a positive change in your life. To study the other steps in greater depth, you need a practical, powerful and comprehensive wealth creation programme. To learn more about how you can create, manage, multiply and enjoy your money, visit Secrets of Self Made Millionaires

Calvin Woon is a motivational speaker who loves to teach others on how to adopt the right strategies and mindsets in order to create massive wealth. To find out how you too can create for yourself massive wealth, visit

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Simple Rule for a Peaceful Life

One of the best principles you can adopt in life, if you want to live peacefully, is the simple rule, don't fight with anyone. More than any other method, this rule is the absolute best way to enjoy harmonious living and brotherhood. The benefits of not fighting with people are really remarkable and here are just some of the ways it helps you and others.

Benefits of Peaceful Living:

1. Peace, Peace and more Peace. Mental, physical and emotional peace for everyone.

2. Prevents wastage of precious time and energy on negative thinking and negative emotions.

3. Many more friends, translates into many more opportunities and not to mention, more laughter, joy and kinship.

4. Less emphasis on ego and self-centered thinking helps promote spiritual growth, awareness and other mindedness.

5. Much better health, as the toxic effects of hate, anger, bitterness are reduced or altogether eliminated from your system.

Over the years, in my own attempt to observe this rule, I found several techniques very helpful in making me choose the path of peace over conflict, and I would like to share these with you below, as you too might find them useful.

Techniques for Peaceful Living:

1. Don't React: I can't emphasize enough the importance of this approach. For example, when at work the worst thing to do is fire off an email when you are emotional and upset over something. Allow yourself to calm down first, take a walk come back and then respond.

Similarly, at the home front, stop reacting to situations without being thoughtful, listening carefully or giving yourself a chance to digest what the other is saying. Remember also that if a situation, comment or event is upsetting you, look at it as an opportunity to learn how to observe the mind and learn how thoughts play havoc with your emotions and feelings.

2. Don't Fear: Fights and conflicts have their roots in the simple pleasure/pain principle. I am using the broadest definition of pleasure/pain here and including psychological pleasures and pains as well, such as security, power, compliments, insults, etc.

Conflicts tend to occur when you are trying to manipulate life to create satisfying conditions and others are coming in the way of this. To combat this try to go with the flow more and remember that the future is a great big unknown. Your worst fears are only in your mind, and you don't really know how life is going to turn out. Maybe that which you fear most as going to happen, is the best thing for you? Let go and see what happens.

3. Forgive: Undoubtedly if you want to avoid fights, you will have to forgive the trespasses of others. There is simply no way around this. That driver who cuts you off, the friend who forgets your birthday, the brother who wont share, etc, etc. Forgive, forgive, forgive, there is no other way.

4. Sacrifice: This is similar to practicing forgiveness, where you will simply have to at times carry the extra load which another cannot or will not do.

5. Meditate/Exercise/Diet: Very often irritation and the subsequent conflict takes place because of your physical condition and mood. You may simply have a headache, be hungry or tired and thus, be much more susceptible to anger. The best way to combat this is meditation, exercise and a healthy diet. This combo will really help boost your positive energy and help you maintain a good frame of mind, while at the same time helping you deal with stress effectively. Really it's easy to fight, but only the very strong are able not to.


Now I know this is not an easy rule to live by and certainly there will be slip ups, but even just trying will be very beneficial to you. If you decide to challenge the opportunities to fight that inevitably arise in day to day life, you will learn a great deal about yourself and the ways of the ego. You will learn about your attachments, self-image, pleasures, identifications, fears, desires and much much more.

Anmol Mehta is a modern meditation & yoga master. His free website offers the ultimate Meditation Techniques guide, powerful Tantric Sexual Techniques and yoga techniques to Heal Chakra Centers.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Letting Go And Moving On

Letting go of the old is one of the hardest things in the world for most human beings. Letting go of old worn-out habits, old ineffective thought patterns, old routines that just don't fit anymore, old impressions of places or people that are now no longer useful, old feelings that are emotional scars that will not heal and get in the way of progress, are all things that most people when reading of them nod their heads and agree should be thrown away like an old ratty security blanket from childhood. Yet, how few of those people really would throw away or learn past these things! Most would just continue holding on to them.

Change--which is the one constant in the universe and in life--is quite a frightening thing for most people. Not small changes, for small changes are so common to our everyday experience that we even take them for granted. We take for granted that the sky will change and it will be lighter today and darker tonight, or if it is cloudy today it will be sunny in a day or two.

We even take for granted some longer-term changes; we know that we were shorter and weaker when we were five than we are now, and we know that the short, weak five-year-old before us will one day grow into a taller, stronger woman or man. There are even some sad changes that we take for granted: if we have a pet dog we know that one day that dog will grow old and die. We don't like to think of that day and so we rarely do, but we know it's going to happen and we don't lose sleep over it.

But there are other norms that we cling to with a quiet desperation, and anything that threatens to change them we feel threatens us. The thing of it is, all of these changes have to do with things that are within us. They might be embodied in outward circumstances, such as our careers or homes, but even then they have to do with what we feel we are as a soul, a personality.

There is one thing that most adults fear more than death or, it seems, even physical torture. And that "thing" is being wrong. It is this fear of being wrong that prevents us, most of the time, from letting go of the old. Too many times, when we are about to let go of the old we feel that we are admitting to having been wrong (and the assumption that there's something shameful about being wrong is itself a negative, false assumption).

You see, we feel as if we have invested just way too much time and energy to learn and figure out what we believe we have. We have, therefore, an overwhelmingly powerful emotional investment in what we think we know--our ways of doing stuff, our priorities, our beliefs, our feelings about people and places and things.

The ego, which is rightly the gatekeeper to our spirit, says to us, "Wait a minute! You're thinking about changing your ways with this? You're getting ready to change your mind about that? Don't you remember when that certain event happened to you that proved to you that the way you've been doing things since then works? You're safe! Why change? It could be very dangerous!"

But the ego forgets that change is the only constant in life. It forgets that the past is dead; only the here and now is real. We can let go of the old when we find that it's no longer useful, or it gets in the way of a new level of achievement, or our circumstances have changed. It is natural for us to let go of the old; for as children we do so with ease. But as we get older, we become a little more and a little more expected to have permanent knowledge of stuff.

Our society values our pride in thinking we know everything. Instead, we can and must learn to take pride in being fearless about making mistakes, changing, seeing a new perspective, letting go of the old, and reveling in the endless journey the end of which is not an arrival but an evolution into ever-new possibilities.

Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of, a site that provides reviews of products and services for self improvement and personal growth and development.