Thursday, May 7, 2009

Swine Flu: Stay Calm

All of us need to stay calm in facing swine flu phenomenon. As disaster unfortunately seem to be a more common occurrence, our skills for dealing with it must be honed. An effective crisis plan provides yourself and your family with the blueprint to sail rough waters effectively, to minimize panic, reassure your beloved persons, and protect precious sources. Planning and preparedness help make dealing with swine flu a lot less disastrous.
There are several reasons why you should not panic in spite of the incessant media drum beat and the minute by minute updates. First, this is an extremely uncommon illness affecting a very small number of people, all of whom had mild illness and recovered without incident. Yes, it might spread further, but even so, let’s take a step back and keep in mind that we’re talking about influenza. And while full-blown influenza is no walk in the park, for most people it’s not even remotely life-threatening. It’s an unpleasant upper respiratory illness with systemic symptoms of fever, weakness and body aches, but from which you’ll recover.
Maybe this epidemic will get worse before it gets better. We can keep monitoring the news. But for now, calm in the face of hysteria is all important and common sense measures are warranted. So just stay prepared and calm. That's good thing to do among panic strikes.

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