Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Intelligent Dummies

by A J James

Intelligent Dummies..hmmmnnn?

What's this all about then you ask? Well, the title of intelligent dummy is becoming more and more apparent as the over educated youth and the self proclaimed intelligentsia gain more and more knowledge and yet display less and less common sense.

Has Common Sense Become Endangered?

Common sense is not necessarily tied to manners, in fact some manners have no grounding in logic whatsoever - How does wearing a hat a table hurt any one? - Yet there are those "manner Nazi's" who would seek to inform you of your rude behavior (while thinking they were not being rude themselves by bringing your hat to attention).

Common sense is all about social sensibility while good manners is more about simple the things we can do to make those around us more comfortable, without us having to really alter our behavior drastically.

Have you ever been on an escalator that had room for someone to pass and yet you took up too much room and prevented this? You may not have realized that you have displayed a complete lack of common sense.

It's things like these that people in general are frequently starting to forget and it is creating tension in society, but it can be reversed.

Unfortunately, even the most intellectual folk fall prone to these brain-dead actions and for some part it is no wonder. We are smarter than any generation to precede us and we are growing smarter at a constant rate, however while this happens we also endure more mind numbingly ridiculous, medial tasks than ever before.

We have to spend hours on the phone to large corporations and government departments to sort out tedious affairs, we endure long waiting periods and peak hour traffic to get to and from employment which in itself may be mind numbing.

What about those traffic lights that are red and you stop, but there is no traffic and there are no pedestrians? - Ugh!

What Is The Answer To This Madness?

Well, while we can't stop all the medial tedium, we can pay more attention to our own actions and make small simple choices that make environmental interactions a more sober and satisfying accomplishment.

Little Things Count

Using your indicator in traffic can make all the difference to someone who has waited in rush hour traffic and just wants to get home.

Keeping left when walking (or using the escalator) so people in a hurry can pass you with ease.

Answering your phone in public in the same tone that you would talk to someone in close proximity with.

Little things help to keep the cogs of society socially lubricated, so try to do your part. As for the intelligent dummies, well you know who you are and only you can sharpen up those silly little foibles that stand between societal breakdown and utopia.

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