Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to Begin the Journey of Emotional Well Being

Emotional well being is all about finding that position of inner peace. In today’s society people are bombarded with endless amounts of stress that often times becomes too much for their brains to process and their bodies to handle.

Basically, from the mental and emotional perspective, people speak of such things as being “stressed out” or feel like they are having a “nervous breakdown!” This is serious business if the person can not find a healthy outlet for diffusing this kind of stress.

Within the spectrum of outward physical signs people can display a host of symptoms, but some of them that you can easily notice are nervousness, irritability, weight-loss and problems sleeping at night. No matter how you look at this, these can be considered early warning signs of more significant changes to come.

If your goal is emotional well being then you must be able to identify these high stress issues well before them become serious and cataclysmic breakouts.

Here are 5 very useful things that you can start to do immediately to get yourself on a better path towards mental stability and stress reduction.

• Exercise is huge in being able to diffuse negative physical and mental energy! However, it can not be for just a few minutes. You must find exercise that takes you out 45 minutes or longer if you can. It does not have to be something to where you have to go berserk! Just smooth to where you are nice and steady. The goal here is to stimulate the big-time release of the feel good hormone called beta-endorphins.

Special Note: These beta endorphins elevates ones mood and they can naturally make you feel better. Now, let’s not forget the amazing release of stress that is removed from the steady state of exercise. Stress test measurements on every level start decrease significantly when engaged in working-out on this level.

• Pick up a new hobby or learn a new trade. This can be whatever you love or have dreamed about. Something that brings about satisfaction within you. Research has shown that peace and calm comes over us when we are absorbed in a worthwhile goal, dream or aspiration. It can dynamically elevate your state of emotional well being.

• Do some volunteer work assisting those who are less fortunate that you. Perhaps it is doing something such as working with homeless people or preparing some really cool meals for senior citizens, or perhaps visiting them with a pet dog or cat. Did you know that seniors feel better when petting a dog or cat? No, I mean real deal hormone changes in their body chemistry and in turn they emotionally feel better, and so do you!

• Meditate and find your peace with God Almighty. Really, it gets pretty simple with is recommendation. Turn over your burdens to Him. Work yourself into strong prayerful meditation with God and ask for your stress and concerns to be lifted off of you.

• Stop trying to do so much with your days! Everything is not important. The bottom-line on this topic is that you must learn how to prioritize your efforts based on the school-of-thought that goes like this… “first things, first and last things, last; everything else too bad!”

Folks it is that simple and all you have to do is make the decision that right now, you are going to start to simplify your life right at this moment in time. It is truly the starting point for being on the road of self-discovery of emotional well being.

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