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Do an Internship in Argentina and Discover the True Spirit of Tango

Do an Internship in Argentina and Discover the True Spirit of Tango

Do an Internship in Argentina and Discover the True Spirit of Tango by Enrique Helmbrecht

Doing an internship in Argentina is probably one of the best ways students will find to truly learn about the spirit of tango and improve their skills in the professional field as well.

Travelling abroad is a unique opportunity to come across impressive features that make each country shine in the international field. In this way, Argentina has become worldwide recognized for its passion for tango and as the birth place of this dance.

If your career develops in the artistic field, then doing an internship in Argentina will be a perfect choice to open your mind and get immersed into a culture that has a vast and deep rooted tradition that nowadays has as a prime exponent the tango dance.

The real origin of tango is blurred, as it usually happens with all things that are continuously transformed along history. By doing an internship in Argentina you will learn that the word tango was firstly used to describe the typical dance of black people in America. The meaning and the dance itself later on evolved incessantly and after one hundred years it defined and got to be known as an Argentinean dance in all terms.

As you do your internship program in Argentina you can practice tango in all the different academies spread along the country. Buenos Aires and Cordoba are the most important destinations that in Argentina where you can easily do your internship and perfect your dancing skills in a fast manner.

Anyway, if you don’t take tango lessons nor do your internship in a dancing school you will feel the spirit of this music in the everyday life of the Argentinean people. In Buenos Aires mainly, you can appreciate professional tango dances for free on every corner of downtown. As you do your internship on any subject, you can easily go around neighbourhoods that entirely resemble the soul of tango, like La Boca neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.

If you are in the mood for learning a little bit more about tango before doing your internship in Argentina, discover that there is much more to see than one sole style. Tango has incredibly developed into more sophisticated movements that reflect the influence of famous dancers through time. While doing your internship in Argentina you will encounter Canyengue Tango, Orillero, Milonguero and of course, Saloon and Show Tango. Each style has its own relevance in the history of the Argentinean dance and will introduce you in a particular way of looking at the tradition of country as you do your internship abroad.

Besides, it is important for you to know that tango originated in the suburbs of the city of Buenos Aires and was respectfully seen by the society in general. Later on, it grew in importance and got into the core of the city and the society in general. During your internship in Argentina you will find out in tango the essence of all social stratums.

Travelling abroad is a lifetime opportunity to gain a deep insight into different cultures. Argentina is by far an enigmatic and beautiful country that has become a widely chosen destination among students. If you are willing to do an internship abroad in the artistic field, then Argentina should be your pick. You will not only encounter tango, but also many other artistic expressions that are yet to gain international popularity.

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