Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Conversational Hypnosis Techniques That Anyone Can Learn

Dr. Milton Erickson

The person who gets the most credit honing, if not creating all of the conversational hypnosis techniques that are currently being used today is Dr. Milton Erickson. What is even more remarkable about Dr. Erickson is that he was able to hone his conversational hypnosis techniques on his psychiatric patients during an era when it was illegal to combine hypnosis and medicine.

To learn more about Dr. Milton Erickson and conversational hypnosis techniques you should make time to visit this website

The website is designed to not only inform about conversational hypnosis techniques but to also teach you how to use conversational hypnosis in your own life.

When you will find that you have the truly amazing opportunity to purchase a conversational hypnosis course that is actually being taught by an internationally acclaimed master hypnosis, Igor Lebochowski.

Audio CD’s

The first thing you will get when you purchase the course is twelve audiotapes. Each of these audio CD’s equals one conversational hypnosis technique. For example the first CD will teach you conversational hypnosis techniques you will learn includes the three keys to conversational hypnosis, signs that the person you are trying to hypnotize has slipped into a trance, and a four stage hypnotic formula. With each CD you will learn additional conversational hypnosis techniques.

The Blueprints

In addition to the audio CD’s you will also receive four small booklets that are designed to act like blue prints to simplify Mr. Lebochowski’s conversational hypnosis techniques for the moments when you don’t have time to listen to the CD’s. These blueprints are small and can easily be slipped into a purse, book bag, or briefcase.

A Copy of the Transcripts

The other item that you will get when you order the conversational hypnotic course is a 629 page manuscript that is full of the transcripts from every single session. This means you can further strengthen your understanding of the conversational hypnosis techniques by reading the transcript while you are listening to the audio CD. The manuscript is also convenient when you want to quickly double checks some bit of information.

Live Support

The conversational hypnosis course is suppose to be easy to understand and is designed so that every person who purchase it will be able to successfully use conversational hypnosis to better their lives, but just in case you happen to get stuck with one of the conversational hypnosis techniques, you will be able to get live support offline when you purchase the hypnosis course. If for whatever reason you are not completely amazed with the conversational hypnosis course it comes with a sixty day, money back guarantee. For more details visit

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