Saturday, October 4, 2008

Without Humor, Life Sucks - Learn to Be Humorous

Sickness, Stress, pain, poverty, suffering, hatred, wickedness etc all sucks a great deal of life out of us. But none of these is to be compared to the damages that lack of humor can cause in our life. Imagine when LIFE itself becomes the SUCKER. In this article are those things that can make you live a humorous and fulfilled life.

Looking for the best element of every situation: No matter what the situation is, no matter how bad it is, an element of fun and humor must be present in it. Observe little children. However poor, miserable, unhappy,wicked, uncaring etc their parents are, they still find good thing in them and hold them to a very high esteem. They see great things in their parents. If we learn to look for wonderful things in every situation we find our self, we will discover that sooner or later, humor will naturally find us.

Assuming the worst scenario: Think of what could possibly be the worst outcome of every situation. And prepare yourself to shake off the shock that it will bring. What this will do for you is that it will make you heave a sigh of relief. As you have already anticipated the possible worst outcome. If things eventually turn out to be good, fine!. Note that i am not saying we should be pessimist, No what i am saying is that you should make a mental picture of the worst outcome and get ready for it.

Be in constant search of opportunity to make people laugh: There is a natural law of 'causes and effects'. What this means is that when you carefully and curiously look for ways of making people laugh, you end up discovering that you will laugh at some of the things you do and this way, life goes on with more HUMOR.

Associate yourself with happy, motivated and Humorous people. Humor is just as contagious as success is. Happy and Humorous people are everywhere, mix up with the right gathering. Places like Religious places, social places, entertainment places or even game houses can do.

In whatever you do,just remember that this life is too short for anybody to spend even a single second without enjoying it to the fullest. Actively look for the things that will help you Get Motivated, Stay Motivated and Enjoy life to the fullest.

source: Okwuduche Chinweike

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