Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A True Warrior

He's Affectionately known as "Peg Leg" and has made history in the British Army, now Cpl. Colin Hamilton of the Blackwatch is making further breakthroughs by becoming a student of the Hiken Dojo and Bujinkan Ninjutsu as well as his wife and two children Darren and Denver. Ninjutsu to Colin is more than an art and allows him to spend quality time with his family. On first glance - Colin seems normal but closer inspection reveals a sordid past that not many men or women could withstand. He is an amputee and has major burns over his body due to an horrific accident whilst serving in Kosovo. This is only the half of it; after wining a battle with the MOD to remain as an active soldier, he further served in the conflict in Iraq and now the battle he faces today is that of his development as a modern warrior of Budo.

Standing in Colin's presence can only humble you further, especially when you moan about having the cold, flu or just can't be bothered to train. Hatsumi is a great pioneer of the essence of Nin and Ninpo and holds above all else - perseverance in training and developing all aspects of the self in Mind, Body and Spirit. Colin's disability does not hold him back and if anything - he is a very humble person to be around and shows determination in everything he does. Perhaps one of the most important facets and sayings of life is that the teacher will come when the student is ready and the only thing I feel is that the roles are reversed, I am no longer the teacher. Nin is persevering and enduring above all else and in Colin - we have NIN.


Jock Brocas

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