Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Internet Banking - What to Look For

With so many products and services getting more expensive these days, surprisingly there are some things we can still avail for free. One is the free internet banking service offered by most banks. By free, it means not paying any fees at all in doing certain financial transactions.

People are always attracted to free services. The urge to grab the opportunity is even greater if the service being offered pertains to the management of their hard-earned money. This is where free internet banking services fulfill an important need in the financial aspect of people's lives.

So what does free internet banking really mean? This type of service generally does not charge fees when you do your financial transactions on a particular bank's website such as when you open a savings account or pay your credit card bills. Other activities you can do without the fees include viewing your account balance and history, account statements, cancelled checks as well as downloading your transaction history into Quicken or Microsoft Money software.

A great feature of this service is that you can easily get alerts as important as well as suspicious transactions take place on your account unlike when you're just transacting at a bank's local branch office. Some banks may offer banking alerts that can be customized. Customers are given the ability to choose where to send your alerts whether through email or text messages to your cellular phone or any other mobile gadget. They can also request their balance to be emailed on a regular basis and specify the types of alerts they'd like to receive.

Bill payment is another free service offered by online banks. This allows consumers to send payments to anybody from your doctor to your child's school and your power company. By simply adding their names and other vital information to your account, you can already view, change or cancel your payments online.

Most internet banking services also enable you to manage your credit card account. With this feature, you can monitor the activities on your account as well as pay your bill and get your statement online. Some may even allow you to transfer other account balances to your bank credit card.

Self-service features are additional come-ons. You can use them if you wish to change some personal information such as your home address or mobile phone number. The other uses include requesting to stop a check payment or reordering checks for your free accounts.

If you're still utilizing the traditional banks in managing your finances, maybe it's time to think about trying the free internet banking services. Using the internet to handle your money not only guarantees your utmost convenience but also offers you a lot of unique features that simplify the transaction process. No need to question the security aspect as every bank makes sure to provide a safe banking environment on the web to all its customers using the most advanced technology.

Customer support is also provided round the clock, seven days of the week so you can get help right way in case you encounter problems. Just keep in mind to choose a reputable bank and do some research beforehand.


Gloria SMith

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