Monday, October 20, 2008

Can Hard Work Turn You Into a Billionaire?

The answer is NO. Hard physical labor cannot turn you into a billionaire, period. A common mistake made by most people is to assume that physical, hard work will turn you into a billionaire. Yes, I will be the first to concede that my statement is controversial.

People involved in hard labor are not wealthy. In fact most of them are poor. How about people taking on two or three additional jobs to pay the bills? I rarely see their financial position improving. If anything most people with second or third jobs are worse off at the end of the day. Fatigue, frustration and misery are the product of hard work, not wealth.

A simple calculation can be performed. Lets take an average job of a laborer earning $2000.00 per month. Add a second job bringing in an additional $ 1000.00 per month. If this worker works 240 hours per month, his hourly rate would be $ 12.50 per hour. For this worker to make $1billion in any given period, he will have to work 80 000 000 hours. We don't even live 1 million hours, so how could this billion be attained in a lifetime?

What about the skilled office workers? If we use a similar example as above we can double, or even triple the salary, and will not come close to a billion.

Lets try a business. Now we are talking. But it turns out that a business, generating
$50 000 a month, cannot turn us into a billionaire. Here is the math. This business sells 50 products at a unit cost of $1000. In order to make the first billion, in sales alone, the business would have to sell at least a million units. To sell a million units of the product, the business would need to acquire the production capacity, which negates the possibility of them ever making that first elusive billion.

These calculations and assumptions are simplistic, but I attempt to prove my point that rigorous labor has and can never make anyone wealthy. So how do people become billionaires?

Whilst I am no expert on the subject, it is my belief that prosperous people use their minds (both conscious and subconscious). As Napoleon Hill and many others asserted, that taking control of your mind is the way to prosperity. Wealthy people don't use their backs to acquire riches. They think and act in a certain way to guarantee results.

It has even been proven, that the harder you work the poorer you can become. Actions without a clear thought out strategy, results in disaster. If you doubt this statement lets explore the following:

· You stand at the mall distributing thousands of fliers for your new business, but get no customers.
· You walk door-to-door selling goods, but can't find one customer.
· You try hard to sleep, but the more you try, the harder it gets.

And yet some people who don't disseminate fliers, or sell door to door are doing exceptionally well in their businesses and they sleep well, of course. The word here is desperation. The word desperation, unlike determination, evokes a notion of struggle and stress on the body's part, without thinking. Exactly. Actions should always follow thoughts. I am not denigrating hard work and action, that has its place, we all support it. But how many people actually use their minds to become prosperous? The reason is that thoughts, be they negative or positive are considered insignificant. But are they?

Most people are oblivious of the strength of their thoughts. If you still doubt its power, just try thinking of a terrible encounter, and notice how quickly your feelings/emotions deteriorate. The insomnia problems emanate from negative thoughts that can keep the entire body awake.

Perseverance, persistence and determination are all crucial elements of success. But what drives persistence, is that thought. Despite circumstances, the vision (thought)of success is what can mean the difference between success and failure.

Many self-improvement gurus offer different interpretations on the power of thought. Some recommend thought only, and limited action, others recommend equal action to thought, whatever the truth is, the unavoidable fact is that there is just no getting away from the Power of Thought, in any success endeavor.

If people become billionaires with limited labor, I am convinced that their thinking process had something to do with their success. No rationale from a logical perspective can be found for people becoming billionaires!


Sean Goss

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