Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spiritual Growth

By: Patti Schneckenberger
Spiritual Growth Everyone that is upon this earth is on a journey to find their inner strength through spiritual growth. SpiritualGrowth In search for this special treasure, we need to understand that we live in the natural but we possess gifts from the super natural. Learning to blend these two different sides of ourselves is not always easy. Many of us believe that the best way to live in this world is to not look beyond what is obvious.

In order to reach for inner truth from all parts of your spirit, you must learn to open yourself up to all possibilities. A simple example here is to look at what people really seek.. The natural part of ourselves believes that once we obtain all the riches and power and try to control everything and everyone, that is where our joy, happiness, and life purpose lies. With that attitude you are looking no future than Money, Career, Relationships, and just plain Power. When you find your own truth you will also discover that the true secret lies within the heart. The divine essence called, The Higher Self.

In this search many people turn toward meditation. This form of relaxing the body and the mind can teach you far more than you can imagine. Deepak Chopea, MD writes: "Several studies conducted by scientist have shown that meditation may in fact induce profound change, far beyond the simple relaxation that most people use in the west. Even Beyond the medical applications of relieving stress, reducing blood pressure, and so on."

So what we are all saying here, is that we must connect to the higher self to find the peace we need to reach beyond our goals and dreams. Through meditation and relaxation, you can communicate with what I call divine guidance. This source of love and energy can communicate with you through your dreams. Many studies have shown that a higher intelligence really does speak to us and guide us while we sleep.

Here lies a true secret of spiritual growth. Your Higher Self can communicate with you directly and even help you to see your future. If you learn to listen and respond to their loving suggestions, your inner peace and strength of spirit will soar. This is as simple as learning to relax and let your mind and spirit just go to a place that doesn’t cloud your thinking. This unique gift is within us all. Inner peace and strength comes from a vision of opening every door and making everything and anything possible. It won’t happen over night but it will begin the moment you become aware that these gifts and treasures exist.

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