Monday, June 16, 2008

On a Day Like This...

By: Katrina Wilton
Have you ever wondered why sometimes everything in your life just flows beautifully, and sometimes, no matter what you do, nothing seems to fall into place?

It can seem as if there's absolutely no rhyme or reason to it, and that the whole world is against you. Every call you make, every email you open, every place you go, everything you do, feels like there is an invisible door slamming in your face.

Tempting as it may be sometimes to wallow in self pity or curse and splutter about the world conspiring against you, you have to trust that at some level, there is something happening for your greater good, that will reveal itself to you in good time. The time spent waiting, whilst it can be SO frustrating, is when we are tested on our ability to have faith. Deep down we know that eventually things turn out well, as life always does, but in the moment when life throws us our greatest challenges, is when that faith is really tested.

By faith I’m not necessarily talking about God or religion… I’m talking about having faith in what life has to offer. It’s trusting that there is a force greater than us at work, and just because we can’t always see what’s happening behind the scenes, it doesn’t mean that’s there’s nothing going on.

It can be so easy to assume pain is a bad thing that we want to avoid at all costs, but pain can be a blessing in disguise. If you consider the times in your life when you’ve grown the most, you’ll most likely find that it was because of healing through pain in some form or another. When we’re hurting, we want so much not to be, but running away isn’t always the answer. Sometimes you simply have to ‘do time’ through the pain, so you can emerge at the other end, bigger and better than before.

So if your life at the moment is flowing beautifully, be SO grateful for every moment of it. If, however, you're having some challenges and frustrations, just remember that one day you will be looking back at this time thinking "if I only knew what wonderful surprises were waiting for me, just around the corner, I would have relaxed a little more, and enjoyed the journey".

So, what's the lesson in all of this? Never take a single, wonderful moment for granted, and in times of trouble remember that "this too shall pass". Life is cyclical and nothing, good or bad, is forever, so enjoy each magical moment of every day that you have.

Katrina Wilton is Director and Co-Founder of Australian Company Glow Health & Wellness Pty Ltd. Created with her sister Sabrina Holmes, Glow is a company dedicated to empowering women to love who they are and live the life of their dreams. Self Esteem for Women

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