Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Learning to Write

To get a feel for good writing, the best thing is read as much of it. All writings have certain types and it is good to get every outlook. The desire to write need the passion to read writings. They say, reading is the foundation of good writing. From reading, you will grow yourself as a writer. It is also a great idea to talk to other would-be and experienced writers.

Then, the best way to write is to just do it. Via practicing it, you can explore ways to create your writing. Write realistically, to begin, write about your own life situations. Starting with a real place, person, problems, or situation will make writing sound genuine. However, writing takes time, practice, and some imagination too.

It would be useful to allocate a certain time of day to write. Getting up early in the morning and dedicates the first hours to writing as a routine whether we want to write or not. Just forces yourself and it works. Sometimes the outcome is awful, sometimes they're great, but at least you are getting words down. During this writing period, you may lose some drive if you take days off in between writing. So, it is crucial to keep writing and intensity high by doing it everyday.

After finish a writing, you can wait some days then take a view at it with a fresh look. Be merciless. If there's something read badly to you, it mean that read badly to your reader too. A few friends can give significant feedback. You may join a class or workshop with other writers; they can review and constructively criticize the writings.

What about marketing the work? Books and writings from whatever fields are published each year and there are numerous listings of markets. You can contact publishers about writings they are seeking, the fee, and submission guide. Then, send them your work and see what happens. Nobody knows who will be the next successful writer, surprising things have occured in writing fields. However, before quitting our daily job, we need remember that writing for a living can be tough too. For every one famous and wealthy writer, there are thousand unheard writers who were never capable to get published. Whatever happens, it will be a real step in building our writing skills, and it is useful for the next other steps.

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