Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to Reduce Your Stress at Work

How can I reduce my stress level at work? Wasn't my work believed to be made easier by facilities and inventions: cell phones and email, etc.? However, many of us find we are continuously under heavy workload. That exists in most work place really. Stress at work can affect every aspect of your life. So that, addressing the problem of stress atau work can mean all.

The signs of overburden include consistently working late, working through lunch, coming to work even when sick, taking work home, rushing to meet very tight deadlines, expressing frustration, not taking vacations, upset stomachs, insomnia and fatigue, etc. Those are just a few of the problems that can develop. Your work stress can also be hard on those around you because they'll have to deal with your anger or depression. If you are the one who is stressed, you can try some of these solutions to get your workload under control:

Spend your time working on important things. Many of us are tempted to work on painless tasks first. Time spent on those "easy" tasks can quickly add up, generating more stress when there’s no enough time left for the important things. Start keeping an "activity log". Every time you start and end a new activity, make note. You may need an adjustment, but after some days you would see your time-wasters.

Set daily goals. Imagine that something unexpected will come up in your schedule. If you must assign to a deadline, be conservative. Don't try to achieve perfection. Delegate tasks if possible. You can negotiate or renegotiate your job description. Don’t do something that doesn't fall within your job description.

Avoid letting other people's problems become yours. You don’t have to catch the ball that someone throws you. Try limiting your contribution to other’s problem by advice as an alternative of taking on the task yourself. Concentrate on doing your own job well and let others do theirs. Stop trying to pick up everyone else's slack.

When you have difficulty, say so. Take a stress management course or see if there’s facility to teach stress reduction. Rethink your attitude and performance, take meditation and yoga. More simply, take easy deep breathing exercise, just inhale and exhale deeply for some times, that will give you the same benefits. Listen to music that pumps you up. Choose your own favorite.

Change your feeling by refinding your self esteem. Self esteem is the opposite of fear and stress. So jog your memory about a time that makes you feel great. Put your great moment photos on the wall. Write down all the times you conquered the challenge.

Take aromatherapy too. Buy a lavender candle or a bottle of lavender oil for your workplace. Lavender is mood relaxer and energy re-balancer. Next time you feel stressed, light the candle or smell the oil.

Researchers say seeing the color blue tends to calm us. If it's a nice day, stare at the blue sky. Besides the color, the image of floating clouds will remind your subconscious about the importance of staying 'light.' And the image of the infinite skies will remind you of infinite possibilities.

Balance your work with your life. Don't live to work, but work to live. Don’t bring work home, but bring photos of your family to work. That reminds of what's most important. However, you may think about the possibility that you're in the wrong place. In this case, ask to be reassigned or quit and get a new job you more like and suited for you.

These methods probably will help you manage your work in better way. By practicing them you may cut down your stress and enjoy both your work and your life.

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