Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Writing This Blog

Writing a blog about glimpses of thought is a new challenge for me. And from the very start I realized that it would have to be done in an atmosphere of love and kindness. People all around this world understood this too, and it is to all of them that I owe my deepest gratitude. Without their sensitivity and enthusiasm to think about things in this world, I would not have found the opportunity to post writings to this blog in my daily life at all. I wanted this blog to be a practical tools as well, an inspiring one. I'd like to enable myself or anyone to ground selves in the thoughts and insights posted in this blog. Hopefully, everything will be a useful text, in a more personal way. I do not take up myself as a professional thinker, therapist, or an expert. What I'm trying to do is writing down glimpses in my head and my heart. I only want to open the way to those thoughts and insights, acting as their midwife. Everybody has a chance to actually give birth them.

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