Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Long time ago, Siddharta, 'the enlightened one' spent the rest of his long life walking and wandering throughout his country of India. He taught a very specific set of techniques for waking up spiritually.
One of that techniques is meditation, so simple yet effective, and I think I need to learn it. Buddha taught, that being aware of one's breathing was a primary meditation technique. It is called 'vipassana', and millions of Buddhists and people of all faiths around the world seeking spiritual awakening (or seeking peace in mind we may say) continue to practice it.
This is simpel yet powerful breath meditation. Just sit quietly in a cozy place (or doing something as usual) and gently turn your mind's attention toward your breathing experience ... just experience .... when you inhale and exhale. And everytime your mind starts to wander off into thoughts, bring it back to focusing on your breathing.
At first, my mind was whirling with all the different thoughts. But step by step I begin to find that I could encourage my focus of attention to let go of my thoughts and, instead, tune in to the actual sensations of my breathing.
Now I'm breathing, breathing, breathing.

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