Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Small Things Can Heal

There are times when we try get things accomplished. We do our best, but the result is make us disappointed. The biggest one didn’t come, the road is to winding. Then we may ask ‘was I the unlucky?’ Our mind fixed at thought about horrible problems. Our mind then are so absorbed, unaware of other things.

At a moment like this, it is worth we try to look things different. And it is fun too. How if we look at those small things? They are really so many nice things around. What a nice air this morning; hearing kid’s laugh, good greeting of old neighbours, finding new books, or just seeing how green is the grass outdoor.

Sometimes, what made us the happiest was the smallest of things. While the big problem completely in mess, we can ended up experiencing a simple things so relieving and refreshing our minds. Small things can heal. And the awareness that there are small things may make us happy too.

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