Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Forgive and Forget

Think about what happened. Who knows, once you think about the situation from another perspective the problem may solve itself and you may realize that it's not too big. Then, talk to someone. If not with the person related directly to the case (how you can understand and rebuild/work this out), then maybe with someone else; or sometimes better someone away from the situation. It would let your emotions out. Expressing how you are feeling can begin the healing process.

Take responsibility. Maybe you feel that you are the victim, but it takes two to sides. No matter whose fault it is, you need to take responsibility for your own self.

While the thought ‘forgive and forget’ might be so good, it is much harder to do, especially if our feelings are hurt. "Forgive" and "forget" can be done in many ways. You can totally erase the event/person from your mind; you can forget what's happened and try to mend the situation; or you just forgive yourself and try to move on with your life. By doing so, you can learn how to forget and relax in next moments. You may remember that time will heal your pain. You will see later that there was a good reason why you experienced those things.

Which ways to take is up to you. If you want to forgive, keep in mind that you need time to forget. However, learning to forgive and forget will help the healing process. It is a good skill to have because there will always be things that happen in our lives that make us uneasy. It can be difficult, but when you finally truly find forgiveness in your heart you can find the complete personal healing in yourself.

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