Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tragedy or Comedy

Which one is better, viewing this life as a tragedy or a comedy? It depends on the point of view I take, I think. There are two ways.

First point of view. It is common view that in comedy things ends happily, when I learn from what happened, forgive, and re-establish my identity, which may return to the original normality. In comedy I’ll end with a celebration. In tragedy, things go different. Here I lament over the significance of the life which lamentable. In tragedy I look back sadly over what has happened. In tragedy I’ll end with lament.

However, the above point of view is about ending things. Of course I can take tragedy and comedy as a beginning of another situation. Then I can take another view:

Second point of view. If comedy is seen as a beginning of other things, I should aware that the joy is limited. When I have settled for the joys maybe they will not push their demands on life beyond the barriers. Comedy involves a turning away from the most challenging human possibilities. Tragedy, on the other hand, although a sad situation, it would be a new beginning for another chance and affirms something: my ability to dare great things, to push the spirit to the limit no matter what the consequences. Beneath the sorrowful lament, there often will be an effort to manifest possibilites, strength or experiences.

So I think it’s okay to have tragedies in this life.

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