Friday, January 18, 2008

I Live Today

Maybe I wonder if sunlight will continue to shine with all unending problems surrounding this self with everything else. By night I may wonder where all these things would go and where it take things. There are times I feel like doing pantomime in a hollow situation, thinking about it as uselessness.

However, there are simple things make me aware. I can’t deny the presence of myself in this life. Among my relations to the world and others and struggles and money and success, I can find one realtiy, that I am an existent living being. And it is so clear that I am living not in the past or future all the time. I am just here and now. I am just inhaling and exhaling my breath. It is a reality I can’t deny. I don’t live in tomorrows and don’t live in yesterdays. I don’t compare yesterdays and tomorrows, I don’t compare myself with others, because I am living now, I am, I am myself, is growing here and now.

So why bother myself to be immersed in yesterdays. I can’t touch my yesterday self, I am a reality as far I only exist today. And I don’t need to wait for tomorrow, for tomorrow is still potentiality the upcoming next time, while I live as a reality just now. So I live my today life in my best ways, living and growing at my best.

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