Friday, January 18, 2008

Smile to Stranger

We often advised not to talk to stranger on the street. However, sometimes we can try to just smile to one of them once. We can give away your smile (or even say hi) to anyone we pass on the sidewalk to your workplace, or in campus, or in your neighborhood. However, everything must go in natural and sincere way. We have to be in the right mood, too.

For the first time, actually it took some experimentation to do this well. We may need a few steps on what to do and what not to do. Or, if we been doing it well for years where we've lived, we may think how else will I get to greet and say hi to people? We can make new friends this way, sure. It's a nice gesture to smile at a stranger, isn’t it? A smile is nice to give and nice to receive too. We never got a negative reply, the worst risk is we got no reaction at all. Its quite interesting experimentation we can try.

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