Monday, November 5, 2007

Difference Between Sexes

Why are men and women so different? Why do we think so differently from one another and seem to live in completely different worlds most of the time? Some will say that some differences between the sexes are actually between thinkers and feelers (most men are T's and most women are F's).

Some people said that the answer lies in biology-- the way males and females are constructed, that is the difference between the male and female brain. Researchers explained how the embryonic brain is shaped as either male or female at about six weeks, when the male fetus begins producing hormones that organize its brain's neural networks into a male pattern and in their absence, the brain will be female. Not surprisingly, there are endless variations in degree of maleness, and mishaps can lead to a male brain in a female body and vice versa.

Searching findings may demonstrate how these differences make men more aggressive and competitive at skills that require spatial ability and mathematical reasoning, while women more sensitive and better to nuances of expression and gesture, more adept at judging character, and are more people-oriented than men, who are more interested in things.

Apart from it, it is necessary remember how different sexes includes their respective advantages. It also means that we need accept who we are; denying gender differences may means ignoring their value.

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